Magpul is the plug:

Magpul-Tight-Pants-Tight-GroupingsMagpul is outchea fusing polymer to leather #NevaBinDoneBefo’. The old fat white guys are going to love this shit. Eddie Bauer and Tommy Bahama shirts are going to be so tucked this Fall/Winter 2015. Regarding the belt… “Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness.”. “Oh my God. It even has a Magpul logo.”

Poking fun aside, there’s really not too much you can do to revolutionize belts. With all Magpul’s R&D capabilities I would have liked to see them invent a new low profile buckle, rather than using a $2 one I could pick up at Tandy leather. Since the beginning my motto has always been – ask not what you can do for Magpul, but what Magpul can do for you. Roll call; who’s with me?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Kanye West rocking the new gear before it his the shelves:

From high end French fashion house Balmain. Reportedly selling for $1345, although not listed in the e-boutique (store) on their website yet.

The shape is too “crayon like” to be like any rifle bullets I’ve seen.  I know it’s a casting, but they could have at least made the conical profile of the bullet a bit more convex.

If you clicked on the above Balmain link and were like “WTF?  Rich people buy clothes from here?  This site sucks.” … I’ll let you in on a little something.  With the exception of the companies under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) umbrella and a few others, the more upscale you’re brand is, the shittier your website has to be.  It needs to look like it was made by junior high kids working on early Apple desktops, and using music, flash animation and transitions are mandatory. *shrug* I don’t make the rules.  Off the top of my head, another hilarious example is Maison Martin Margiela if you want to check it out.

Back to the belt… would I wear it?  Nah, looks too “Hot Topic” goth for me.  I do like the idea of anything gun related making its way into high fashion though.

Thoughts?  Any of your reloaders/belt makers gearing up to hit Etsy and make a killing with some Balmain inspired bullet belts? :P

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As seen in the music video for “Hold it against me” at 36 seconds:

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”
-Britney Spears

Ahhhhhh .. I see what you did there :roll:.

Pretty classy belt though. Looks like she went all out with Hornady TAP, then decided to get the links done in gold.

She still has a way to go before she can match Lady Gaga’s dual AR-15 bra which I talked about HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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Hot off the production line from Valkyrie Armament:

DO WANT!  Even on a semi-auto that would be awesome.  It would force me to step my bumpfire game up a notch.

Price for the conversion – $3300

You send them your entire rifle, and they machine the following:

  • Bolt carrier for the drive system
  • Upper and Lower for compatiblity with the belt feed assembly

Included in the price is the belt feed assembly, belt box adapter to hold the 200 round m249 SAW ammo can, one starter strip, one stop strip and 100 links, and one 200 round ammo box.

NOTE: You can not use regular military links with this conversion… you need to use the proprietary ones that are included.

Judging by the video it seems to work flawlessly in full auto. I’m told by the company that that it maintains a 85% parts compatibility with regular AR-15s.

Valkyrie Armament’s website – HERE


  • The upper receiver is a modified AR-15 upper that will feed with standard SAW M249 links
  • The lower and bolt carrier are stock with only a clearance cut added
  • Every other aspect of the gun is standard AR-15

I have no idea if they are for sale.  My guess is that if the price was right (under $300), they would fly off the shelves.  I even think people with regular semi auto AR-15s would buy them for kicks.

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The shottist has some fun with linked ammuntion:



:lol: too bad its a hoax