The music ūü§ėūüėéūü§ė:

The song is actually by a little known Italian ska band I saw life in Rome called “Luigi’s Rhinoplasty” (that’s the rough translation to English anyways).¬† If you guys have never spent time over there I wouldn’t expect you to know that.¬† Sorry for flexin.

Thoughts?  Did they out-SERP the BLACKHAWK(!) Serpa?


The Luigis over at Beretta spazzed out:

I’m not a fan of this.¬† Yea sure the engraving is quite impressive (from a distance anyways).¬† Honestly I thought it would better in those closeup shots… kinda looked like rough ass though.

Why on earth would you do this to such a beautiful watch?

Also, is there some sort of rule now, that if you modify the appearance of a Rolex you have to remove their logo?¬† I say this because obviously it’s missing in the video… plus for some reason I see that Bamford Watch Department appears to not even customize Rolexes any longer… weird because that was initially what they were known for.¬† Ah yea, I just googled it and it looks like it was their choice to stop customizing Rolexes.¬† Oh well, I wasn’t planning on getting one of theirs ever… way too much markup and the design is perfect in my opinion already anyways.



In case you didn’t already know, Beretta makes a lot of clothing for sirs and ma’ams:

Will I buy any of it? No. ¬†Do I like the look of it? Yes, a lot of it. ¬†You can tell they put a lot of effort into all aspects of this, including the marketing. ¬†I always assumed the customer base for firearm company branded clothing wouldn’t be interested in spending $674 USD on a sport coat for instance, but I could be very wrong.¬† Maybe they are marketing this more to Italians, and they spend more on clothes than Americans? ¬†I don’t know.

You can view the full FW2017 clothing lineup over on the Beretta site.



They posted this yesterday:

Titled “Victory Is Feminine”. Something tells me the title was lost in translation, but whatever. ¬†I watched it… it was alright I guess, but this was my exact reaction:



How many of you nerds don’t know Poppy?

0:19 – *GASP!* Poppy lied to us… that’s an obvious snap cap round at. ¬†THIS. IS. BULLSHIT! UNSUBSCRIBED! :P

282,000 views at the time of writing this post.  Not bad not bad haha.

I was going to say Poppy loads a Beretta 92FS, but I don’t know enough about 9mm Beretta models, and I knew if I got it wrong someone would be like “ACTUALLY Mike, that’s a M9 you newb”.

Thoughts? ¬†You glad you know how to load a handgun now? ¬†Would operate with Poppy? If you’re not familiar with her body of “work”, check out the amazing videos on her channel haha.


Promo for their tactical carbine course:

0:07 – Cue the tactical bass.

0:28 РFirst look at the operators in this course.  Pfffffft no pixelated faces.  Are these guys even TIER?

0:44 – Wait for it….. OHHHHHHHHH THAT PIVOT!!!!!! ¬†If I were a tactical range DJ I would have yelled “REWIND THAT.. BRING THAT BACK” *Funk Flex bomb drops*. ¬†Tactical Range DJ… I should add that to my twitter bio, it sounds lit.

0:49 – What’s with the tactical bum shake? ¬†Like Pac said on “I get around“, it’s like he put a little twist in his hips ’cause we’re watching. ¬†Such a legendary 90s summertime video btw. ¬†Get familiar if you’re not already down.

Nike-Air-Max-Beretta-Gun-3Word on the street was that Luca, a marketing manager¬†at Beretta wanted to call the school “Beretta Defense¬†Shooting Militia”, but then Lisa in Accounting saw¬†the initial expense report come across her desk as BDSM and was like “LOL you guys trollin or what?”. ¬†Luca then google images’d that on a company computer, and got called in to Luigi’s¬†office and had some ‘splainin to do. ¬†Lets just say he brought cannoli for everyone that Friday.

P.S. – Remember these Nike Air Max Berettas?

Thoughts?  Would pivot with?