Some bruthers got SO upset over this 🤣:

In 2022, some dudes in the gun community still can’t handle the fact that not everyone is overweight with a beard and tattoos.  Not everyone has to look like you bro.. it’s alright, it doesn’t affect you one bit trust me.  In fact, the sooner the gun community as a whole becomes more accepting to what some would label as “outsiders”, it will be a lot better for absolutely everyone in the community.. and dare I say even the country as a whole.

Holy the Beretta factory does look VERY nice inside.

4:49 – Beretta really went all out with the presentation!  The dust bag, leather case, the gold star and vanity mirror were a nice touch.  I’ll have to remember what they’re capable of, for when I order my custom ENDO 93R Billennium and sawed off 686 Silver Pigeon with the bird’s head grip.

Here is one of three of Beretta’s Instagram posts about the gun.  If you read the comments you’ll see what I mean about the outrage:

Thoughts?  I didn’t even bother checking what the outrage on facebook was about this, but I’m sure it’s about the same except for the age would be skewed more to 50+ year olds.  Good for Beretta for not deleting comments.  I’m sure there was a heated discussion about that, but ultimately I think deleting comments in a situation like this does more harm than good.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Mama mia, an Italian club track:

Nice promo video.  It did the job. The CGI exploding clay at the end was cool.

Exclusive look at me back in ’08:

LOL we used to quote that video so much back in the day.  I can’t believe it doesn’t even have 1M views yet.

Fuggitaboutit.  Thoughts?

P.S. If anyone at Beretta wants to put me up at Lake Como for the summer, I’ll provide consulting for the next Beretta clothing season. We could do kind of a Devil Wears Prada type thing. Basically it will just be me eating too much pizza, being a diva, and pointing at my favorite clothing brand Stone Island (which also happens to be Italian) saying “do this”.


It’s really like this:

Why you askin so many questions huh?


Mama mia:

Man, that looks like a fancy facility.  1:27 where the river is going under the walkway 👀 that’s a vibe.

Not once since this pandemic started have I ever said “I wonder what Beretta is up to?  Are they managing?”  now that I know they’re thriving and keeping their people safe I’m happy to hear it.



Good effort on the short video:

$2350 MSRP, and it comes in around a dozen configurations.  Since I’m more into flexing that bird hunting, if I had that much money burning a hole in my pocket I’d pick one up and shorten the barrel and the stock like the guy did to a Franchi 12Ga… absolute beauty.

I want to see more of the silver mechanical rat with wings.



The music 🤘😎🤘:

The song is actually by a little known Italian ska band I saw life in Rome called “Luigi’s Rhinoplasty” (that’s the rough translation to English anyways).  If you guys have never spent time over there I wouldn’t expect you to know that.  Sorry for flexin.

Thoughts?  Did they out-SERP the BLACKHAWK(!) Serpa?