Mama mia, an Italian club track:

Nice promo video.  It did the job. The CGI exploding clay at the end was cool.

Exclusive look at me back in ’08:

LOL we used to quote that video so much back in the day.  I can’t believe it doesn’t even have 1M views yet.

Fuggitaboutit.  Thoughts?

P.S. If anyone at Beretta wants to put me up at Lake Como for the summer, I’ll provide consulting for the next Beretta clothing season. We could do kind of a Devil Wears Prada type thing. Basically it will just be me eating too much pizza, being a diva, and pointing at my favorite clothing brand Stone Island (which also happens to be Italian) saying “do this”.


It’s really like this:

Why you askin so many questions huh?


Mama mia:

Man, that looks like a fancy facility.  1:27 where the river is going under the walkway 👀 that’s a vibe.

Not once since this pandemic started have I ever said “I wonder what Beretta is up to?  Are they managing?”  now that I know they’re thriving and keeping their people safe I’m happy to hear it.



Good effort on the short video:

$2350 MSRP, and it comes in around a dozen configurations.  Since I’m more into flexing that bird hunting, if I had that much money burning a hole in my pocket I’d pick one up and shorten the barrel and the stock like the guy did to a Franchi 12Ga… absolute beauty.

I want to see more of the silver mechanical rat with wings.



The music 🤘😎🤘:

The song is actually by a little known Italian ska band I saw life in Rome called “Luigi’s Rhinoplasty” (that’s the rough translation to English anyways).  If you guys have never spent time over there I wouldn’t expect you to know that.  Sorry for flexin.

Thoughts?  Did they out-SERP the BLACKHAWK(!) Serpa?


The Luigis over at Beretta spazzed out:

I’m not a fan of this.  Yea sure the engraving is quite impressive (from a distance anyways).  Honestly I thought it would better in those closeup shots… kinda looked like rough ass though.

Why on earth would you do this to such a beautiful watch?

Also, is there some sort of rule now, that if you modify the appearance of a Rolex you have to remove their logo?  I say this because obviously it’s missing in the video… plus for some reason I see that Bamford Watch Department appears to not even customize Rolexes any longer… weird because that was initially what they were known for.  Ah yea, I just googled it and it looks like it was their choice to stop customizing Rolexes.  Oh well, I wasn’t planning on getting one of theirs ever… way too much markup and the design is perfect in my opinion already anyways.