Big Blast

This is cool… Taofledermaus uses Big Blast to turn empty soft drink bottles into reactive targets:

Just screw on the Big Blast top, inflate using a basketball pump to desired PSI…. then shoot!  Definitely looks even more exciting when placed inside something like they did in the video.

You can pick these up at the manufactures eBay Page BigBlastCharlie.  At around 1.70 each top (if you buy 6), the price is right!

Big-Blast-Shooting-Soft-Drink-Bottle-TopYa ya ya not as exciting as binary explosive I get it… but it’s also WAYYYY cheaper and you’re not going to (shouldn’t anyway) get in trouble anywhere with these.  I think it’s a great idea also because it’s “green”… you’re basically helping the recycling plants by shredding the bottle for them. :P


Oh yea and Taofledermaus’ shooter is wearing my picatinny rail t-shirt wooot woot.

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