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NRA’s Billy Johnson wants to make a documentary:

The media-fed misperception about violence is a threat to our fundamental human freedoms.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

I’d watch it if it got funded that’s for sure.  Doesn’t look promising though when he needs about $175,000 in the next 9 days.  I don’t dispute that the $225,000 goal he has isn’t a realistic expectation of the cost… I just think people are so used to getting quality videos (visually anyway) now for free, they are hesitant to throw any money at people.  I know Billy would do this right… it’s just a shame he won’t do it for free and convince others to help him for free as well.

Here’s a promo video he made up a couple days ago for the Kickstarter:

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeOh so whoever has the most money and most reach has an advantage?  Who would have thought? *sarcasm*

Sounds like a good plan to me to appeal to emotion… it’s obviously working decently for them so why change?  No one said this fight was going to be fair.  Only the smart ones figure out when someone is bullshitting them, and then they leave that camp (hopefully) for good.  How often do these emotional appeals and lies backfire?  I don’t know, but I do know the answer is “not often enough”.



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NRA News x Billy Johnson says we dehumanized gun violence and humanized guns:

I agree with what he’s saying for the most part.  I know the more people who are pro-gun the better, but I’m really sick of trying to convince people that guns aren’t bad.  If someone isn’t intelligent and logical enough to be like “You know what… people take other peoples lives with guns but I realize it’s not the gun’s fault” then I really don’t have any time for them.  Sure that person is also going to argue “if there were no guns in the world then no one would die from getting shot by a gun” which is the oldest most retarded statement in the book.  Then the will also likely say how “guns should be made illegal” citing that it would reduce gun violence… sure bro whatever you say.  The government should also pass a law to make criminals have to obey laws…. that would work well in conjunction with your making-guns-illegal law.

2:44 – Telling someone “guns are intimidating or scary” isn’t the right way to go about it in my opinion.  That doesn’t Demystify guns.  People should have a healthy respect for guns and what they can do, just like they should have healthy respect for the damage capability of a 3000 lb. vehicle.  Learn that the gun is an inanimate object, learn how to use it, learn how to be safe with it and confident with its function.

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldAs far as open carry goes, I’m still indifferent.  I really wish the state of the country was that the average person wouldn’t freak out when they saw a regular person doing day to day activities with a gun on their hip, but that’s the way it is.  If you think you’re going to be a Leonard Embody and not get any friction from law enforcement and the general public then you’re wrong.  If you don’t care though and you think in your heart that it’s the best thing for you personally, and for gun rights in general then “do you”.



Ain’t nobody got time for rationalizing a right:

I like Billy Johnson a lot still, but all these NRA videos are wearing on me.

preaching-to-choirThe NRA be like: ENDO told me, go ‘head, switch the style up / And if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up



Limiting the Second Amendment:

Oprah-You-Get-A-GunBJ has been on point lately with these videos.

So many good points in this video which would give the anti-gun crowd heart attacks.  Too bad as long as guns are scary assault things which kill people… good luck.

When is he going to turn that neck stuff into a full on neck beard?


Billy Johnson delivers:

Other gun bloggers can sleep at night, raking in advertising money talking about mass murderers and spree killers.  I’d rather just chill, focus on making fun of the derp, and other things which make me smile.

Those murderers were nobodies when they lived, and should have remained nobodies when they died.  Biggie Smalls said it best “You’re nobody til somebody kills you.”  I suppose the seemingly more true corollary of that in the cases where the murderer lived is “You’re nobody til you murder somebody”.  Name a couple of the victims who were murdered by any of those pieces of shit Billy mentioned in the video.  Oh you don’t know any of the victims?  Me either, and that’s sad.


I’m not looking for a pat the back. I have ragged on Billy a lot lately for whining, but he really expressed exactly how I feel in this one and I thought it deserved a post.


Deal-With-ItHe makes some good points but a lot of it is just whining about the way things are.   “WAHHHHHHHH I DON’T LIKE THE MARKETPLACE POLITICS”.  Well sorry Billy, as you know it’s a free country so if companies do not want to deal with guns or gun owners that’s their right.  Plenty of great businesses and websites which cater to gun owners have started because of the very restrictions you’re whining about.  If more and more banks start closing accounts of gun companies then other pro-gun banks will start up… that’s how it works and we all benefit.  The reason facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter etc. all don’t outright ban the accounts of people who post gun related content is because they don’t want the revenue loss or the shitstorm that would come with it.  Hell, I was given a $100 ad credit from twitter and when I went to go use it they changed their mind because my company is in the firearms industry.  Meh, their loss because if the advertising was successful I would have spent several times more. Oh well I’ll put that $100 towards more cheetos and some ammo which I will in turn tweet about. #GunLife