billy johnson

Billy rolled out of bed, put on a black T and hit record:

Rage-MonocleAW HELLLLLL NAW, ain’t that some bullshit.

How come he’s the only NRA commentator without his own show?  I smell a conspiracy that goes up to the highest levels of government.



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NRA News x Billy Johnson:

Numbers don’t lie.  You can’t even say those stats are biased.

Billy-Johnson-NRA-News-Want-NeedI just noticed in this video Billy is cultivating a bit of a neck beard.  #HipsterOperator



Firearms are “scary” so problems surrounding them are dealt with much differently:

Firearm-Ignorance-Billy-JohnsonThat drowning / swimming parallel he drew was awesome!  I know the argument will be “BUT SOMEONE CAN’T WALK INTO A SCHOOL AND DROWN A ROOM FULL OF KIDS”. *eye roll*

I love the graphics on Billy’s vids.. very clean.  Goes well with the black shirt / hipster glasses esthetic.



AmidsTheNoise speaks on the thought of declining gun ownership:

Always a lot of good knowledge kicked by Billy Johnson.  So much, if you’re not paying attention you’ll have to back it up.

Billly-Johnson-Declining-Gun-OwnershipGod that background music is annoying.



AmidstTheNoise with another NRA news vid:

ACK I wish I could turn that background music off!  Interesting that 60% of the 56 mass shooting studied involved or started as domestic violence.

15.5 Million children witnessed or have been the victims of domestic violence.  Ban domestic violence! (For real… if that only work work.)  Too bad people who wanted to commit domestic violence would just do it through the domestic violence loophole that would be discovered.

Those stats are really sad :(  The reason for the exploitation of child murders involving guns is an obvious one though. Sadly the way the media works, they’ll continue to make boat loads of money off disgusting incidents gun violence rather than report every time a kid gets beaten to death etc.. because the latter is normally not as “interesting” to people, and can’t be spun into dozens of related stories for weeks after.  Obama needs to do something about that.  What good does it do us to know the name of the killer and what kind of video games he had, and what cereal he ate daily for breakfast which obviously made him a killer?  A media gag order is obviously a huge 1st Amendment violation, so I don’t know what the solution is.  It’s unfortunate that good morals and big money rarely meet.  Holy shit, I just blessed the post with that original quote… *goose bumps* *mic drop* I’m out.




A guy we know, is a new NRA news commentator:

0:12 – people are going to be like “Oh noEs the illuminati”.   Whoever did the after effects for this video should do all the videos, they are great!  Real clean looking, and good choice of fonts, graphics, and everything.

I know the black shirt is his thing, but they really should turn the contrast down if they are going to use a white background. It looks like that black shape was just masked over on the computer, and there are arms and a head coming out of it.  I liked it better in his own videos when it was him with a black shirt, and a blacker background.

AmidsTheNoise-NRA-NewsAmidsTheNoise (Billy Johnson) always has good things to say… I found this video hard to follow though.  Maybe it was because of that annoying background music?  The videos on his channel were always easy to concentrate on because it was just him spewing out facts and excellent points… nothing else. In this video he is talking AMIDST actual noise… ironic.