binary explosive

Cool end result spoiled by the vid screen grab, and the 10 minute video is about 8 minutes too long:

Someone please shit on their record ASAP with 301 lb. Guinness book of records one-upmanship style! :P

Even though it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, I wonder how many people called the cops when they heard that explosion?

I’m half convinced that the tree exploded even more than it normally would have, just because Instructor Zero was present.

Instructor-ZeroThe fact there was no slow motion Richard Ryan style footage of this was disappointing.

Watch, some politician will see this and push for a US wide ban to prevent some scumbag doing something bad with it.  I can see it now… “OMG if 300lbs did that, what would happen if someone filled a U-Haul up with this dangerous concoction?!”.  THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. haha



VigilantSpectre, always doing shit just to do it:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsNot something I would have done… you know, safety reasons.  I would prefer to not possibly have a chunk of the container or the lid slice me open and/or embed itself in me.

Ripping the finish off your expensive quad rail?!  A good way to make your rifle look like it’s operated in more operations than it has I suppose.



These bros almost learned a hard lesson:

Looks real.  That was a close one.  Is it shopped though?

A huge pet peeve of mine is when people take the video the wrong way on their phone. That’s so obnoxious unless you’re viewing it on something where you can flip the display and maximize it so it fills the screen.

That’s all we need is a rash of people getting injured by binary explosives.  It’s already BAN BAN BAN every couple of months when the media picks up a related story about how it’s unregulated and a person could buy a semi trailer full and easily blow up the southern hemisphere with one shot.  Lucky even people who are crazy have some restraint huh?


Hat tip: Kenneth


Binary explosives ftw!

American-FlagGetting .50 BMG was probably the best thing Jerry ever did for YouTube views.  Well, that and happening to be able to shoot accurately at the speed of light.

 Maybe eventually Jerry will start doing Mattv2099 style 360 no-scopes with that thing?



In this case, tree removal:

tannerite-binary-explosive-targetYea, chainsaws are cool… but not as cool as that.  I hear binary explosives also work great if you need to change a tire, empty an above ground swimming pool, remove a wasp nest… the possibilities are endless.



I was skeptical when I hit play… but soon after was impressed:

The video started off with some jello-effect (rolling shutter) digital SLR filming by someone that couldn’t keep the camera still on a pan to save their life…. then came the old bait and switch… but in a good way! 

0:39 – Straight disrespected that hole which a coyote used to call home.

That .22LR brass ejection starting at 1:10… great shot.  I love seeing shock waves in the dust on the ground too.

Thoughts?  Anyone used this Star Targets brand of binary explosive?