Demolition Ranch with some more redneck science:

Ranch-DressingI have yet to see an “ammo in the microwave” video that has even bit the least bit exciting.  For some reason every single time I still think to myself “It’s going to be epic this time I know it!”…. *buzzer noise* wrong.

What was with the music?  Sounds like he stole it from some corny 80s action movie love scene. haha



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I was holding off on a new shotgun purchase until Vigilant Spectre weighed in:

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERPThe intro vid was face paced, informative, and entertaining enough.  Hopefully the series they are doing will be worth watching.  They really have come a long way by any measure from back in the old days… that said I know a lot of people still aren’t interested in taking advice from guys that aren’t actual former operators in operations.  Hell I even hear a lot of shit talking about Chris Costa solely because he was in the Coast Guard (Note: I make fun of Costa for shark jumping… The man can shoot and I think anyone can learn a lot from him).

Thoughts?  Will you be tuning into this Vigilant Spectre series?  I’ll watch them, but keeping it real I honestly won’t post them unless I can poke fun at safety violations, derp and what not.


I was dubious… but then 2:06 min into the video came.. and it was actually pretty awesome:

They should speed up those balls a bit and put a binary explosive in them… like a higher stakes defensive clay shooting session.

Pretty nice foxhole from that binary explosive.  How would he have set it off?  I thought that stuff had to be detonated by a hard hit from something like a bullet.

What didn’t impress me was when he shot the Benelli m2 at that 5 gallon water jug.  *yawn* And then the claim that birdshot is good for self defense because it “penetrated through 1 foot of water pretty much”…. ummmmmmmmmmmm no.