black ops II

Oh you used AC/DC’s “Back In Black” for your trailer theme?  Tell me about how unpredictable of a choice that was:

I made fun of the choice to use the AC/DC song (I do like that song btw), but in reality a high percentage of the people who will by playing this game probably love AC/DC due to the popularity of Guitar Hero, and possibly even from the AC/DC LIVE track pack.

The trailer itself looks quite intense, but also most of  it looks like cut scenes to me.   It’s hilarious how they give all these operators every piece of ridiculously advanced equipment .. winged suits! haha well I guess the year is 2025.

Omg.. I just realized the game hasn’t actually “Launched” and isn’t actually launching until November 13th.  If you want the game quickly though you can place a pre-order at Amazon for it.


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Armchair operators gonna operate:

From what I’ve seen on past posts you guys either love or hate COD. As I mentioned in the past, I’m not a really a gamer, so I get impressed when I see gameplay footage like in the trailer.

That microwave weapon at 0:36 is epic!

November 13th Release date.

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.

Thoughts?  Is this looking any better to any of you guys that thought you were going to hate it?


Painful that this game has a November 13th release date.  I’m sure they will continue to beat us to death with trailers until then.

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.

The consensus on the first preview trailer I posted was that this game is going to suck.  Anyone change their mind yet? :P


Preview for the new game, set in the year 2025:

Horses? Zombies? *shrug* why not, right?

Whats the consensus among you gamers?  Is this gonna be good?

You can pre-order the game over at Amazon for $60 if you’re interested.  November 13, 2012 release date.