black powder

RoyalNonesuch risking life and limb once again:

Black-Powder-Black-PowerWell despite the fact I cringed when his safety measures appeared to be a hat, adidas hoody, work gloves, gas station sunglasses, and some cheap ear plugs, nothing scary happened in this case.  Beats Hawaiian shirt and earbud earphones (his usual safety equipment) haha.

2:51 – The reason for doing this is to save himself some cleanup (hopefully) because black powder guns get REALLY dirty.

A bunch of people are scolding him in the comments for various obvious reasons.


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Black-Powder-Black-PowerAs you can see the quality of the video is terrible.  It’s funny to hear their non-chalant reaction though.  Nothing like KB’ing guns and drinking beer in the desert.  #Merica


Gat tip: SayUncle


These guys:

Holy… whenever I see stupid stuff like this I always count the number of people, then I think to myself “So there were X many people that were present, who thought this was a good idea… wow!” *smh*

You woudln’t catch me holding a pipe / black powder combo anywhere near my body. He’s just incredibly lucky that pipe was smooth, otherwise it would have TORE UP HIS WHOLE EVERYTHING. Mission accomplished that the target got annihilated though I suppose haha.


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Hickok45 does a bit of a torture test:

Reloads, lead bullets, and black powder… Some people at Glock are shitting bricks right now!

Made some nice smoke.  I would like to see the muzzle flash in low light. The slow motion at the end of the video actually showed it real nice even in mid day.

From the description:

The powder charge was Goex FFFF. Don’t know exactly how much, just as much as I could get in and still leave room for the 230 grain bullet.

Hickok45-YoutubeJust stuff it in until you can’t stuff any more. That’s science right there.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever try this? I’m thinking Richard Ryan should do a plastic explosives Glock.


What? Black powder is explosive?  Who would have thought…

Of course there’s the classic shaky camera, and no footage after the event.  I think it’s safe to say the guy shooting filled his lungs white smoke at the very least, and possibly even got some bad burns in the process judging by the flames at around 0:06.   No safety glasses on either… not ideal.

Has anyone else witnessed, or done something similar?

Hat tip: Jeremy C.


That’s what 7 grams of black powder and a 10,000 FPS Photron camera will give you. Pretty awesome.