PPSS Group had to defend against knife bros:

I’m not a student of the blade, nor have I studied knife attacks… but conventional wisdom would suggest if someone stabbed one area or hit one area with a bat that was rock hard, they would probably go for another area in hopes it was softer.  The promo video suggests the stabber is going to do the old prison-movie style 100 stabs in 5 seconds then walk away type maneuver.

The body armor does appear to be effective in the video.   Interesting how PPSS Group is located in the UK… I really thought all the criminals would have tossed their bladed weapons into the knife surrender bins by now. 🤔 Really makes you think. 😂


Thoughts?  You know I had to use the classic thumbnail haha.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Taofledermaus does something terrifying:

Xacto-Blade-Shotgun-Loadhaha so awesome.  Although a lot of the stuff he does turns out to be way less effective than slugs or birdshot the psychological effect of flying razor blades is crazy.

As I said in the comments on this YouTube video – “The only way you can one-up this is if you fill a shotgun shell with poo + AIDS.”



I really hope whoever hits the buy button on these has an accident which prevents them from having kids:




$120 / $110 over at MeleeMods.  Oh wow they aren’t cheap either… why not though right?

Nothing like adding more weight to your gun for no reason.  I’m disappointed they don’t come in Keymod… I mean like do these guys even operate?  Keymod is the new picatinny, try and catch up. *smh*

Thoughts?  Buying one for all 4 sides of your quad rail?

Hat tip: John


Designed In Solidworks, then 3D Printed.  Respect due.

This guy should work on an updated version of the sleeve gun with the skillz he has.