blast jacket

The Blast Jacket:

A field test:

I’d have to say I almost forgot about our Goatse logo’d friends over at Gemtech.  They have been quiet for a while, letting Silencerco make a majority of the noise.

Gemtech-Blast-JacketHow long until someone threads the inside of this thing and adds secondary tube with baffles?  That seems to be the potential point of all these new “THIS IS NOT A SUPPRESSOR AND CAN’T EVER BE ONE” / trolling the ATF type products (See Ares Armor… Sig MPX…).  We all know that quick disconnect spring mounting looks very nice / familiar.   LOL I can see it now, at the very minimum some eBay genius is going to make an oil filter step down thread coupler for “solvent collection when cleaning”.

GoatseTech has this blast jacket up for $195 on their site, so go nuts if you like it.