First came a concept drawing by IWSE Zhang…

Then the insanely talented 3d artist Vitaly Rush brought it to life in 3D inside Blender:

Applying the textures:

The final product:

Wow.  Blows my mind Vitaly only has 282 subs on YouTube and 1000 on Instagram.  Well, if he doesn’t already have a high paying job with a major game studio, I’m sure he’ll have one soon enough with a portfolio like that.

Thoughts? I think it goes without saying, but Pringles should literally make that gun in real life as a marketing stunt. Negotiate to pay the artist and the modeler a decent sum of money and boom.. done. Big brands get handed stuff on a silver platter every single day, and 99% of the time they are like “Nah… lets just spend boat loads of money on a dumb commercial no one will want to watch that’s normie standard big brand garbage, and has absolutely zero viral potential.” At least smaller brands are more accepting of consumer generated content. To be clear, Pringles would absolutely think the gun was the greatest thing ever, if Wieden+Kennedy made it and charged them $800k.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LOL when clenches his butt cheeks and giggles like a little girl…. that’s what shooting is all about.

Oh and if you’re not all caught up on Workaholics, you’re just spending your spare time in all the wrong ways:

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyGet em LAV.



Moneybags Mattv2099 throws 250 rounds of .22LR in his mom’s blender and hits the button:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingI actually thought more of the rounds would go off, and it would be a lot more unsafe… not that I’m going to try this anyway.  I’m so glad there are youtube gun scientists like Matt to answer the burning questions we all have.

Lucky he can write trolling off on his taxes.




Pretty awesome animation.  I assume it was done in Blender or 3d Studio Max judging by the reflections.

Animator: Sterling Roth



I created this film because I have an interest in the war in the middle east and our involvement with it. I wanted the film to be politically evocative as well as enjoyable to watch. The entire film took approximately 4 months to make and was created and rendered in Blender 2.49a.

Very artistic! visit Andrew Price’s vimeo page – HERE for more of his videos