body armor

Royal Nonesuch gets a hold of some new body armor and tests it out:

This test isn’t scientific by any means, but I like the results.  Interesting that the broadhead arrow was the only thing which made it through.  Is that surprising?  *shrug* well kevlar vests normally by default aren’t slash and stab resistant, so I’m hoping they could add whatever slash / stab resistance to this Nanotube body armor in the same way as they add it to kevlar.

Oh wow Royal is wearing eye and earpro again in this video.

Thoughts?  You liking these “Sponsored by _____ videos” complete with affiliate code and all? these are the times we’re living in my friends.  YouTuber’s gotta find creative ways to keep food on the table.


Gluing on ceramic tiles from the hardware store:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Builders-ClubLOL that Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face intro was amazing.  I didn’t know Matt was a Weeknd fan… his stock just went up.

Seriously guys.. just spend the extra money for the ceramic if you think you’ll be in an operation that requires it rather than risking epoxy and some shitty looking bathroom tile.  When you’re laying on the floor bleeding because you got hit, you’re not going to be like “Thank god my family has that $70 I saved, for my funeral expenses”.

I wonder how many plain old machine shops with water jets all of the sudden started cranking out body armor plates once they became fashionable?  My guess is a lot.


With white socks on, just outside the kitchen like a true OG operator:

1:22 for the shot – haha ok then.

TMHonfire102-FN-57-Kitchen-HouseI like the idea of the FN Five-seven, but at $1000+ with expensive proprietary ammo it’s not even on my want list.  The close to 3000 ft/sec speeds you can get out of some of the loads is crazy cool though.

Thoughts?  Since I seemingly have to answer this question every time… I post TMHonfire’s videos occasionally because I think him and Cokeman are hilarious.  One of you commenters on here called what they do “Culture jamming”, which is pretty accurate in my opinion.


Thanks Poland, for real:

Alex-MackShout out to Newton the MF’in lord of this science shit.  Don’t he deserve just to brag a bit?

You can read more about it in this Popular Science article.

Would operate with.  Catch me posted on the block with the liquid, like my former crush Alex Mack (pictured).



Royal Nonesuch back at it with the DIY… this time in the protection field:

As expected, one hit was pretty much the threshold for ceramic.

dragon-skin-armorPeople were making some good suggestions in the comments to line-x truck bedliner some plates together with an AR500 steel outer plate.  I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.  We know damn well that those nice looking “armor inserts” companies are selling for plate carriers are just cosmetically beautified easily obtainable materials like mentioned above.

That metal he used (plywood sheathing) was definitely as good as nothing.   Dude isn’t making dragon skin (hehe pictured left) yet… but Id give him some time and he’ll come up with a nice homebrew option like he always does.



Bromanship transcends oceans and culture:

Bro-Popped-CollarsI don’t know if the video is fake or not because the quality isn’t great, but if it is real I love how so many people are in close by in front of the muzzle… real smart.  Additionally I wonder if they realize that now that particular armor is compromised in those areas where the bullets hit?  Oh well, as long as they don’t bring that reckless shit around me and go kill some ISIS scumbags they can have fun however they want.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon