body armor

Dudes always asking if less expensive options are “JuSt aS GoOd?”.¬† Dustin takes a look:

3:33 – Holy by the look of that bulge the energy transfer of that M1 Garand hit would be devastating.

4:46 – Not a surprise the tungsten tip sailed right through.

7:48 – LOL he called his dog to bring him a magazine. ūüėā

$300 per set is definitely a lot cheaper than US based level III hard armor.¬† Couple searches I did showed less than half the price.¬† In this non-scientific test it sure seems to work well.¬† I guess if you’re buying it to hopefully safe your life though, you’ll have to make the decision of if you’d rather save a few hundred dollars and “hope” this foreign made armor does the job it’s supposed to do.¬† Obviously the military and police aren’t going to go that route, but for the dudes who LARP and need something to fill the plate carrier so they don’t get made fun of on Instagram, it definitely seems like it would do the job more than good enough.


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This had a cool twist:

Interesting how some of those panels were simply from a printed circuit board factory for $5 per plate.  Definitely not a replacement for kevlar, but yea interesting nonetheless.



PPSS Group had to defend against knife bros:

I’m not a student of the blade, nor have I studied knife attacks… but conventional wisdom would suggest if someone stabbed one area or hit one area with a bat that was rock hard, they would probably go for another area in hopes it was softer.¬† The promo video suggests the stabber is going to do the old prison-movie style 100 stabs in 5 seconds then walk away type maneuver.

The body armor does appear to be effective in the video.¬† ¬†Interesting how PPSS Group is located in the UK… I really thought all the criminals would have tossed their bladed weapons into the knife surrender bins by now. ūü§Ē Really makes you think. ūüėā


Thoughts?  You know I had to use the classic thumbnail haha.


Royal Nonesuch gets a hold of some new body armor and tests it out:

This test isn’t scientific by any means, but I like the results. ¬†Interesting that the broadhead arrow was the only thing which made it through. ¬†Is that surprising? ¬†*shrug* well kevlar vests normally¬†by default aren’t slash and stab resistant, so I’m hoping¬†they could add whatever slash / stab resistance to this Nanotube body armor in the same way as they add it to kevlar.

Oh wow Royal is wearing eye and earpro again in this video.

Thoughts? ¬†You liking these “Sponsored by _____ videos” complete with affiliate code and all? ¬†¬†these are the times we’re living in my friends. ¬†YouTuber’s gotta find creative ways to keep food on the table.


Gluing on ceramic tiles from the hardware store:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Builders-ClubLOL that Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face intro was amazing. ¬†I didn’t know Matt was a Weeknd fan… his stock just went up.

Seriously guys.. just spend the extra money for the ceramic if you think you’ll be in an operation that requires it rather than risking epoxy and some shitty looking bathroom tile. ¬†When you’re laying on the floor bleeding because you got hit, you’re not going to be like “Thank god my family has that $70 I saved, for my funeral expenses”.

I wonder how many plain old machine shops with water jets all of the sudden started cranking out body armor plates once they became fashionable?  My guess is a lot.


With white socks on, just outside the kitchen like a true OG operator:

1:22 for the shot – haha ok then.

TMHonfire102-FN-57-Kitchen-HouseI like the idea of the FN Five-seven, but at $1000+ with expensive proprietary ammo it’s not even on my want list. ¬†The close to 3000 ft/sec speeds you can get out of some of the loads is crazy cool though.

Thoughts? ¬†Since I seemingly have to answer this question every time… I post TMHonfire’s videos occasionally because I think him and Cokeman are hilarious. ¬†One of you commenters on here called what they do “Culture jamming”, which is pretty accurate in my opinion.