body armor

Royal Nonesuch back at it with the DIY… this time in the protection field:

As expected, one hit was pretty much the threshold for ceramic.

dragon-skin-armorPeople were making some good suggestions in the comments to line-x truck bedliner some plates together with an AR500 steel outer plate.  I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.  We know damn well that those nice looking “armor inserts” companies are selling for plate carriers are just cosmetically beautified easily obtainable materials like mentioned above.

That metal he used (plywood sheathing) was definitely as good as nothing.   Dude isn’t making dragon skin (hehe pictured left) yet… but Id give him some time and he’ll come up with a nice homebrew option like he always does.



Bromanship transcends oceans and culture:

Bro-Popped-CollarsI don’t know if the video is fake or not because the quality isn’t great, but if it is real I love how so many people are in close by in front of the muzzle… real smart.  Additionally I wonder if they realize that now that particular armor is compromised in those areas where the bullets hit?  Oh well, as long as they don’t bring that reckless shit around me and go kill some ISIS scumbags they can have fun however they want.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon


Oh TMHonfire102 you crazy:

everything-could-be-a-trollNothing like tossing a few Coors back in your Jammies after a long day, then shooting suppressed at some body armor indoors.  Like really, who hasn’t done this?  Propping the body armor up with Dr. Seuss books is pretty standard too.

TMH has always given so few shits, I love it.



Herp de derp:

Holy that was one of the most painful videos I’ve ever had to sit through.  These “solutions” now are coming out of the woodwork so often.  I wonder if people are actually buying them?  The ballistic shield, the Minnesota shot blocker etc… I have no idea how much this Bodyguard blanket is, because their website is unsurprisingly a piece of shit.

If you feel like you want even less confidence in their product, try to make it through this test:

HE’S A DOCTOR GUYS!  Ballistic gel and armor material.

I’m torn on what to think about these things.  I couldn’t imagine having a kid and explaining to them that they might actually DIE at school if they don’t carry this fucking stupid looking blanket I bought him or her, and know how to use it properly. Additionally can you imagine being one of the only kids with a derp blanket? That’s a ticket to unlimited swirlies and wedgies. Anyone else think that “teacher” looks sus?



Hat tip: Rick


If you want to see the most useless company promotional video on the planet:

$260 for the Level IIIA armor disguised as a desk pad.  Basically all anyone cared to see was the damage the the armor in that video, and they didn’t bother showing it. *facepalm* Yeager got sent a shield which he’s going to review, so we’ll see… normally his reviews are pretty good.

I don’t know… I’m sure this has it’s uses, but first of all it won’t stop rifle rounds so that makes it partially useless.  Secondly, at least half your body will be exposed to gunfire so you’d still have a really good chance of being shot.  Bullets travel faster than your shitty reflexes… another downside.

haha Look at this “in use” picture from the website:


Not sure why he has his hand up and out like that.  Theres a picture of a lady doing the same thing on the site… then more unimpressive pictures of them holding the shield in portrait and landscape mode. *yawn*

leonidas-fabulousThis is basically the exact same thing as the derpy Minnesota shot blocker I posted about last year.

They need to release a spartan helmet disguised as a vase you can inconspicuously put on your desk. LOL



For young recreational operators:


Notice I said young recreational operators… not child soldiers, because that shit ain’t cool with me.  When you’re a kid you should be building forts, farting and laughing at it in public, eating copious amounts of candy, and doing everything in your power to avoid cooties… not forced into fighting for your country.  That said, if you do live in one of those countries that embraces kids fighting, then you might as well be safe about it, not draped in some ridiculous PFD (personal flotation device), or duct taping a cinder block to your chest like I’ve seen in the past.

boy-scouts-bearded-kids-2Not even parents who are scared of guns and everything else would touch these awesome little rigs for their delicate little offspring because they look too “military”.

$99 over at The Tactical Medic.