Lady-Gaga-Alejandro-AR-15-SBR-Bra-2“A Good Way To Blow Your Hand Open?! Interrupting AR15 Cycle Of Operation” is the actual vid title haha. Funker Tactical always turns the title up to 11.

All the cool kids were doing this with Glocks a while back, so the AR-15 was naturally next up.  The video served it’s purpose of demonstrating that his hand didn’t get blown off.  *shrug* cool I guess.

I’m just glad and surprised when I see a Funker Tactical video that isn’t retarded.  They had a string of them for a while that were off the wall… oh and when the Instructor Zero marketing engine was running at full speed is really pretty bad too.


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Royal Nonesuch in the kitchen cooking with the wri-wri-wri-wri:

Royal-Nonesuch-HawaiianThat shroom polo is v-rare too.  I’m really surprised those screws and bolts are flying so nicely.

Royal nonesuch sees hex heads in everything.  You could show the guy a piece of burnt toast and he’d see Jesus holding a hex bolt in it.

That picture of royal nonesuch in the Hawaiian shirt makes me laugh every time.  I have a few good ones I use for him, but that has been my go-to lately.



*Doot Doot Doot* on the machine and volia:

*gasp* it’s beautiful.  Suspenseful music too.

There’s always some genius in the comments who asks “How much for the machine?”.  Maybe it’s just curiosity / and being nosy this time, but more often than not its because they think they can buy it with a paycheck or two, unpack the thing and make gun parts 9 minutes later.  Then comes the stupid-guy math… If I can make one of these every say 10 minutes, there are 60 minutes in an hour so that’s 6 AR-15 bolts per hour… if I run it for 20 hours per day then that’s 120 per day which I can sell for …… etc… *eye roll*


Hat tip: Kris



According to their website the starting price is $1295.

It’s too bad they don’t get into the upper / bolt market separately… I’m sure they would make a killing if people could just buy that and not a whole new gun.

Video of it in action – HERE

It’s weird when you can see right through the upper when the bolt locks back!

Quality Arms LRAR Piston Dominator product page – HERE


The media would definitely dub this an evil “Assault Nagant”

This conversion was done on a Finnish m27 in order to increase the rifle’s capacity from 5 to 20 rounds.  There is no information provided on whether the magazine is detachable.

History of the Mosin-Nagant – HERE

Finnish m27 information and picture source –


Chinese-QBZ-BullpupI love this picture!  I wonder if all those soldiers got a picture taken like this?


Caliber: 5.8×42 mm (5.56×45 mm NATO)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length: 760 mm
Barrel length: 520 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg unloaded
Rate of fire: ~ 650 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds


More info at the wiki page – HERE

and at – HERE