Must be using blanks though.  The muzzle flash is huge, and there doesn’t appear to be any recoil on any of the firearms.

I tried to find some Bérénice Marlohe training footage (shes the other skyfall bond girl), but no luck.

I’m really looking so forward to Skyfall.  Anyone else?

Hat tip: Kevin


You can even change out the front wheel for a ski, pretty funny!  I’ve got a nice bike (by my standards anyways… a Specialized Rockhopper FS Comp) so i’ve been out of the bike market for a while… but it seems to me the frame they built this on what looks like a ladies frame, or is that some sort of new design?

You can read more about the BOND bike – HERE

According to the creator there are no plans to sell the bike.


The car:

The holster and nickel plated walther pistol:

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GarE Maxton presents “The INTIMIDATOR”. A metal puzzle sculpture that transforms into a fully functioning .45 caliber muzzle loading pistol! Featuring six different kinds of metal and over 135 pieces.

The sculpture includes everything required for assembly of the puzzle pistol. Integrated into the sculpture are a customized set of tools, all necessary hardware, 45 caliber bullets, a standard sight, a laser sight, a cannister containing black powder pellets, a secure storage area for 209 shotgun primers, a spent primer removal tool and a ramrod for loading the bullets.


Assembled in puzzle form… Just looks like a block of random Metal pieces:

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Although I’m more of a fan of new cars than the classics, I definitely want this one:

For Thunderball, FMP 7B was fitted with the full complement of famous Bond ‘gadgets’ – by the Factory – that are seen onscreen, including machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen – all controlled from factory installed toggles and switches hidden in the center arm-rest.

The auction website – HERE

Well It looks like I have until October 27th of this to win Powerball and make this baby mine. It’s Probably for the best that I can’t afford something like this because i’d probably get arrested for using one of the on board weapons. :P

The guy that is selling it is going to get a pretty sweet return on his money, considering he only paid $12000 for the car in 1969. Awesome how the auction website says it was displayed IN his home… sounds like a cool guy.  The proceeds from the car are being donated to a UK crime prevention program.


If I could only pick one, It would be tough…

I suppose I was always fascinated with the versatility of the Golden Gun from the Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun.

The gun instantly kills with one shot, it uses a solid gold bullet.  The gun uses a solid gold fountain pen for the barrel, a gold cigarette case as the handle, and the trigger is a gold cuff link.

What’s not to like?

Full List over at EgoTV – HERE

What fictional gun do you wish you could shoot? (It doesn’t have to be on the list.)