Whoa a Vickers two volume Guide for Sig Sauer:

For some reason I was only expecting his book series to continue with very historically significant firearm families.  After watching the above video though, it does look like there’s a lot to talk about.  I hope he comes out with a Glock one someday.  I bet Glock has a TON of cool stuff the public has never seen.  Maybe even a hi-point one someday? 🤞😏🤞

You can pick volume 1 of Larry’s SIG book up on his website.

Thoughts?  I’m always in awe of how good Larry is at this whole internet content thing.  He has the hard goods like books and slings etc… then he markets the hell out of them, but the videos never seem pushy.  It’s just like “Here’s an awesome book I made.  It’s available if you want to buy it.”… you love to see it.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This all happened before the book was even released yet apparently:

Here is the Amazon page where you can read the reviews for the black and white version, and here are the reviews for the color version.  It’s a shitty occurrence for sure to have people who haven’t bought the book leave a review, I’ll give him that.  If his past performance and “advice” is any indication of the quality of the book then I’m sure it’s a dumpster fire of bad advice and a regrettable $17 purchase.  Would make a good coffee table book either way though, just to troll.  I honestly HOPE and DREAM the book is amazing though, I really do.  We’ve seen people in this industry turn their lives around in the past after being trolled for their lapses in safety and bad judgement.  I believe VODA could potentially get there if he checked his ego a bit (a LOT).

Oh and naturally in the second video he’s saying the bad reviews were exclusively written by “caucasian males who follow / troll him on Instagram and call him ni**er everyday”.  Cool story bRah, that’s awesome Amazon updated their site so you could see what color of skin reviewers have.  Keep playing that race card.  You’re doing a great job of discrediting yourself, you don’t need “help” from anyone.

Thoughts? Did you buy his book?  I’m actually tempted to.


Yoooo this looks nice:

Larry Vuitton servin it up for real.  I even like how he used 80s style electronic music in the video.

The book is $95 over at his website.  A stack of his books would look pretty sick on a coffee table tbh.



Dammmmmmmn Larry.  We haven’t even seen a page of this upcoming book and you already hit us with the Armalite 000001 AR-15?


Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyHis 1911 book looks lit, and this one will likely not disappoint either.

Interesting how “SAFE” is in the upper position.  haha wow that has the potential to cause some really bad accidents if you’re use to the modern layout which we all use.  Thinking you’re on SAFE and you’re actually on AUTO.  *BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP*  Whooops, my bad guys.

That bakelite furniture too guys amirite?  Woooooooooo. damn.

“Hollywood California U.S.A.” haha ain’t that a B.  Those were the good old days.  Armalite now resides in Geneseo IL.

Thoughts?  This guy is really living up to the nickname “Larry Vuitton” I gave him hey?  I bet he has flexes in the stash so ostentations / incredible, we couldn’t even fathom.


This happened.   Obama said it’s easier to get a Glock than a computer or book:

Holy, Al Sharpton is abrasive.  Anyway, regarding the Obama statement… I don’t know why some gun owners keep pretending (in the face of criticism like this from Obama) that guns are not EXTREMELY easy to get through some avenues.  Colion Noir even went so far as saying “I could walk to a library right now and get a book”… Yea and you’d have to SIGN UP FOR A LIBRARY CARD (last time I checked).  Sure buying a gun from an FFL is more of a pain in the ass, but why bother denying that private sales are perhaps the easiest thing on earth in most states?  This is the exact info cut as pasted from the ATF’s own website:

What recordkeeping procedures should be followed when two unlicensed individuals want to engage in a firearms transaction?

When a transaction takes place between unlicensed persons who reside in the same State, the GCA does not require any record keeping. An unlicensed person may sell a firearm to another unlicensed person in his or her State of residence and, similarly, an unlicensed person may buy a firearm from another unlicensed person who resides in the same State. It is not necessary under Federal law for a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) to assist in the sale or transfer when the buyer and seller are “same–State” residents.

There may be State or local laws or regulations that govern this type of transaction. Contact the office of your State Attorney General for information regarding any such requirements.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadIn my opinion denying or not mentioning that private transfers are indeed as simple as getting a book or a computer shouldn’t be done.  I realize Colion Noir only had about 4 minutes, but when both sides of a debate don’t give the full info on something this is where problems and arguments happen.



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