brady campaign

Fail.  He should have dropped it over a hot beat:

Get Metro Boomin on the phone.  *if young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you*

The video is from the Brady Campaign.  One of my favorite anti-gun strategies is trying to convince you that if you’re pro-gun then you must be pro-children-getting-murdered.  Really solid logic right there.

MASK OFF.  Thoughts?

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ha these guys with the “content” again:

It’s like gun grabber fan fiction. I bet whoever cooked up the video concept and text message exchange was really feeling themselves.

LOL even though I was bracing for it, I almost lost it at 0:40 – “No, but I took the ASK pledge to ask if there is a gun when I go to someone’s home.” *insert eye roll here*


The irrelevant Brady Campaign gets punny with the title.

Hmmm so I guess this is supposed to scare all 28 of the anti-gun Brady Campaign followers?  To anyone else it looks more like a remixed pro-gun ad.



Brady Campaign with another scare tactic video:

Baby-Glock“Guns Don’t Kill People, Toddlers Kill People”…. yawn.

Holy they actually made up a website, for this nonsense.  All these anti-gun groups keep trying these outlandish promotions, and keep embarrassing themselves when they don’t catch on.



These guys are good, even though the video was over the top dramatic.  Too bad they care just as much about disarming everyone as they do about safety:


0:05 – My initial thought was “You know what kills more kids and people in general that guns or rat poision?  SUGAR.”

0:12 – This is bad?  What if that little bastard went up the stairs and messed with my Travis Haley shrine?

0:17 – For his safety this was to catch that monster from Stranger Things (watch it on Netflix if you’re not already… it’s great)

0:24 – Just when I think I’ve seen it all, this born rich little princess has two wolves.  Smh I hate my no-wolf-having life.

0:35 – A Sig Sauer hey?  Poor kid didn’t even get the chance to grow up with a nighstand Glock in the house.  The video probably went dark because the kid was like “LOL WTF DAD?  This is embarrassing.” then threw it in the trash.

*thinking face emoji* Brady Campaign as a whole can piss off.



Under the guise of “safety” as always.  First up a peter pan flip:

Alice in Wonderland:

Afghanistan-Boys-Toy-GunsThere you have it.  Kids are stupid, and they will shoot themselves or someone else if you don’t keep your gun inside a safe.  This “ask your neighbor… is there a gun where they play?” thing is fine and all… but I still think the root of the problem should be addressed, which is educating the kids.  We tell kids not to drink poison, not to ride bikes without helmets, to look both ways before they cross the street etc… The smart ones generally listen.  Some die, most don’t.  I don’t know why it’s just out of the realm of comprehension to expect that the smart kids who are educated about what to do if they find a gun will also handle it accordingly and live a long life.

What’s the point of making the video look oldschool and using decades old themes like Alice and Pan?  Judging by the “Generation Lockdown” splash page they have set up, this is likey their weak attempt to relate to Millennials.  *Yawn*