brady campaign

And films reactions:

LOL 1:07 a .22 revolver is their most popular gun?  Could they at least not have gave that job to a troll with some firearms knowledge.

1:26 – Ahhhhhhh that finger.

1:54 – Seriously?  finger again.

2:39 – Nice shogun that doesn’t even work, shithead.

I know some of you guys work at gun stores…  Is that pretty much ALL DAY?  Finger on the trigger and getting muzzle swept?

LOOK GUYS!  THE GUN is responsible for all those terrible things.  *eye roll* Wow…. just wow…

Troll-FaceIt always astonishes me that statistics mean absolutely nothing to a good portion of the population.  If they did, they would be more afraid of hospitals, alcohol, cars, swimming pools etc.. etc.. by a LONG shot.

Thoughts? I would have loved to see if they cut any positive reactions out of this little troll experiment. My guess is they did.

Gat tip: Krystian, Adam


This is hilarious:

I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to piss us off because “it’s so accurate” and we are supposed to hate facts.  I thought this vid was a riot though… did watch twice.

I really hope this is a sign that the Brady Campaign got better writers, or decided to partner with FunnyOrDie (the makers of this video) permanently.  I’d rather be entertained by them failing to make a difference, than continue to watch their videos and be disappointed at the production value, humor, and content as I was prior to the above video.

0:06 seconds in we already have this gem – “How would a criminal like me, know which states permit me to carry loaded guns in their Amusement parks, golf courses, or beaches?”

CrimAdvisor-Brady-CampaignAs shown in the example above, the funny part is the entire joke is on them because it’s built off the classic premise that criminals care what the laws are.  Which we see time and time again, they don’t.  If they did care, California would be one of the safest states (Spoiler Alert: It Isn’t)

The CrimAdvisor site is a riot too… it’s set up like TripAdvisor obviously, and has a bunch of made up reviews depending on how easy it is to get guns in a state.  Even the logo is on point… the double barrel shotgun rather than the trip advisor owl.



*Yawn* The Brady campaign should really reconsider their rhetoric:

Brady-Campaign-Ban-Assault-ClipsYea we all know money can buy or persuade people.  Cool story bro.  Tell me more about how if certain politicians passed certain laws the criminals would take those laws seriously.

like I said… yawn. Thoughts?


Brady Campaign on the pathology of gun violence with a snazzy presentation:


So basically criminals and people with mental health issues are the problem, which we already knew.

7:19 – Preventing (the criminal’s having guns and murdering people with them) problem is, and I quote “straight forward as keeping guns out of criminal and dangerous hands, which points us to some straight forward solutions.”

Here are their SIMPLE solutions to prevent criminals having guns:

  1. New policy in Washington like expanding background checks etc… –  YAWWWWWWWWWWNNNN so in other words more laws criminals won’t follow?  Cool story bro.
  2. Legal action!  – Oh noes, crime guns from 1% of gun dealers.  Sure that might be a problem but these guys can still easily get a gun from numerous other places.
  3. hahah “technology”.  *tell me more meme*

Now they talk about the 300 million guns owned by law abiding citizens.  Suicide (2/3 of all gun deaths), and accidents (negligence). Their solution to this part of the problem is marketing (guns are bad and dangerous) because it worked so well with smoking (did it though?) and drinking and driving, and of course “technology” again is another solution.

Brady-Campaign-Center-GunViolinsIt really is pure gold that smoking, obesity, and alcoholism continue to kill more people than guns, but everyone is like “meh, light my cigarette pass me the fries and get me a cold beer” and the media isn’t freaking out about that on a daily basis like they are about guns.  It’s definitely because getting shot is a lot more bloody and dramatic and quick than those other three, therefore viewers love that stuff and the media can sell more advertising etc…

Thoughts? Smart guns for everyone?! :P


Oh Brady Campaign you funny:

School shooting evacuations… very classy.

The video reads:

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2014 from the NRA, Congress, and the gun manufacturers of America.  Go forward towards your dreams.  And so long as Congress is in the gun lobby’s pocket… Remember to duck.

Text “Gun Sanity” to 877-877

Brady-Campaign-Ban-Assault-Clipshahah like I’m going to text that number.  I’d probably find a $20 charge on my bill which is going towards funding your broke-ass struggle organization.

Thoughts?  Anyone text it?


Before sending your dumb kid over to play:

Fair enough,  I like the safety angle this has.  If I didn’t know the Brady Campaign’s prior shenanigans I wouldn’t even give this commercial a side eye.

What do we do after we ask about the unlocked gun though?  Do we throw a fit and ban our kid from playing with the kid whose parents have this unlocked gun?  

50-BMG-Desert-Eagle-deagleI’m side-eyeing you Brady bunch… carry on though.

Thoughts?  Thoughts on the .50 BMG Deagle pictured? :P