Brandon Herrera

We the people keep badgering Brandon to finish the AK-50.. so he gives us updates.  The circle of life:

Really cool to hear about the changes.  “Building in public” has become popular over the past few years with software, but Brandon is still the only guy (that I know of) working on such an ambitious project in the gun community whose talking about the steps a long the way.  I wish more people would take his lead.  If you know of any others let me know so I can take a look.

Oh yea if you like the t-shirt Brandon is wearing, it’s the Pro-Second Amendment t-shirt from ENDO 😊.  You can’t see the back in the video but it says If you can’t handle me at my “well regulated militia” you don’t deserve me at my “shall not be infringed”.

Thoughts?  I realize my posting is quite sporadic nowadays, but I’m trying to work on keeping a regular schedule again.  I have a big backlog of videos to watch.

Holy, Brandon is getting VERY close to 1M followers 👀


Always awesome to see this thing in action:

1:39 – hahah .50 BMG is so epic.  The energy in that round literally never gets old.

3:12 – wtf.. the bruthers have been body shaming Brandon in the comments?  You hate to see it.

7:54 – The off-brand carbonated sugar water in the fridge was epic.

8:42 – So interesting that he’s going to a stamped receiver.  Yea definitely a lot cheaper than CNC’ing out such a huge piece of metal over and over again.


A living legend interviewed by TFBTV:

6:40 – Those dual springs are really cool.  Interesting way to solve that problem they ran into also.

8:49 – Holy, that is a beefy rear trunnion and recoil spring.

I’m really excited for Brandon to finish it someday and start selling them.  Good to hear he’s still working on it for sport / passion project.  Once you start taking pre-orders and people’s money, that would really suck the fun out of it.

Thoughts?  I’m assuming if you read this blog you already follow Brandon’s shenanigans on YouTube.. but if not his channel is at the link.


This is pure gold:

haha 😂 he did a really great job on that.  You can check out the original song here for reference if you want.

I haven’t seen the new Mulan movie, but I’m not in a huge hurry to.  I don’t recall liking the old one at all.  There’s a good reason any of the Disney parks aren’t loaded with Mulan rides, or a Mulan world.

There’s a reason Brandon has 746,000 subscibers.  He’ll be at a million in no time.  Holy, this video along has ~250k views already, and it was posted only a couple of weeks ago.



It had to be done:

ENDO Brass Bandit shirt on Brandon if any of you guys reading this are interested.

7:23 – TREAD is very well done, you guys should definitely check it out.  Even my girlfriend liked it.

11:20 – Buying a bulldozer and making his own Killdozer for content purposes is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard.

The outtakes at the end are always funny.  It comes across as being a one take flawless vid in the end, so it’s cool to see he the process.



Brandon’s reaction to the original Forgotten Weapons video.  He goes through the entire video so you can probably skip watching that original linked video:

Ruined Brandon’s day… you hate to see it.  Not being an AK guy to the level that Brandon is… I still cringed over and over and over.