Brandon Herrera

Brandon the AK Guy stepped into the mf booth and WENT OFF:

I’m not familiar with the song this is based off of… I knew it wouldn’t be as good as Brandon’s version so I didn’t bother googling it.

2:39 – Hell yea, I need to watch Red Dawn again.

Stay safe, Kings.



TheAKGuy with the content we need during lockdown:

I like the size of that flamethrower.

hahah the outtakes are pure gold as usual.


The bruthers came out during the coronavirus for this one:

I’m like 3 minutes in and wow Brandon swears a lot more when it’s live apparently haha.

3:15 – “The count was 400 – 500 maybe more”.  Whoa that’s amazing!

Good stuff.  Thoughts?


Brandon is crazy:

I didn’t crunch the numbers regarding the actual physics of this test fire, but I always cringe when guys do unsafe stuff in videos.  Royal Nonesuch at Mattv2099 were some of the OGs in that game.  Neither got hurt though, so maybe I’m just too scared.

I’m looking forward to seeing those AK-50 updates. I wish I could say I was excited about the Gun Meme reviews… I live that every day, so for me its just a re-run. That said, I usually watch them anyways only because Brandon is entertaining.



Caught the corona virus apparently (insert dad joke about him drinking too many Coronas):

3:00 – haha the cleaning rod and bayonet lug… yea why bother.

It continually blows my mind how manufacturing guns doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.  I guess there are new kids that are growing up every day though, who don’t already have a gun and don’t want to buy a used one.




Some nice goals for 2020.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of new stuff he comes out with. That looks like a LOT of parts wow.

I’m hopefully going to get back to blogging somewhat daily again.  Some of you guys thought I was MIA at Disneyland again, but the truth of the matter is my girlfriend and I moved to a bigger place over last bunch of weeks.  To say that took up a lot of my time is an understatement.  haha

Hope everyone has a great NYE, and a great 2020!