Brandon Herrera

This is really cool. Brandon wants to help 5-10 younger kids get a start in the gun industry, through a summer internship-type thing with him:

Damn, that’s really awesome!  I can’t wait to see what the project is, and the cool videos that come out of it.

Brass Valley is such a cool name for this all too.



The tradition of the forefather Mattv2099 lives on:

These vids are always a good time.  Holy that got VERY messy haha, not something I’d want to mess around with because I hate cleaning guns.  I’m assuming with a big tub of solvent you could just submerge the parts for a while, after taking the wood off of course and all that gunk would just melt off.



LOL this:

Brandon announced this video a few days ago on Instagram (he now has his main account back btw, after it initially got nuked).  Anyways I thought the whole “I fought Kit Cope thing” was just going to be clickbait, haha I should have known better.  Brandon took some decent hits in some pretty sensitive places, not to mention getting choked out at the end haha.. NOT ideal.

Thoughts?  Brandon is a content machine lately, it’s awesome.


Brandon with a dramatic trailer announcing the release of the AK-50 some Monday in May:

Cool, it definitely has been a long time but I’m really glad they never gave up.  I can’t wait to see that thing rip through a whole mag.

I’d be remiss if I never mentioned he was wearing a lot of ENDO t-shirts in the video. 😎



Brandon pulls up long range:

Always supporting ENDO… Monica 😎🚬.  I’ll have to bring that shirt back again.  It sold out a while ago, and I was making room for the new designs so I shelved it for the time being.

13:08 – Brandon confirms that he doesn’t do the videos for money.  He does them for sport.  I’ve mentioned a lot in the past how that’s my own personal philosophy on content creation of any type, and that I feel that is 100% the only way to go.  If you do something you enjoy, and others enjoy it too, the money will follow.

14:32 – He came up with the idea of giving away the custom project rifles to his Patreon supporters.  Wow that’s generous, and an amazing idea.

Thoughts? I think Brandon needs his own custom branded hair pomade for men, and maybe like a dry shampoo for women.


Seemingly Brandon is almost ready unveil the completed AK-50:

As the end of the video says, April 15 is the day of the “trailer”.  I hope that’s a release trailer, but I’m not sure.  Maybe Brandon will drop a comment below.  I could just email him, but I don’t like to badger people with questions just because I have a dumb blog a handful of people read.

A lot of good ENDO t-shirts in that video. 😎

Thoughts? I can’t wait to see mag dumps with that thing.  Also, since Brandon has a manufacturing license he could definitely make one AUTO.  Seems like a whole can of worms (shoulder hurt-wise anyways) that I wouldn’t want to open, but hey it would definitely make for an entertaining video.