Brandon Herrera

Brandon takes a look:

Yikes that’s really bad 😩.  Definitely looks like the guy hammered it into shape.

13:00 – He shoots it!  I’m a fellow Ray-Ban enthusiast, but they definitely don’t have shooting eyepro levels of protection.  Funny how I got a Ray-Ban ad during the video just after that time stamp.

Brandon currently has 1.89 MILLION SUBS!  Incredible.  He definitely earned them.  I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans he gets up to when he hits 2M.



I’m always down for some AK-50 news:

That thing is going to be so epic when it’s complete.  I admire that he hasn’t given up on it after all these years.  That’s how you win.. you keep after it and keep working through the problems.

4:46 – That is one of the most lived in hats I’ve seen in a while.  The sweat and sun fades are almost too good, it looks like factory distressing.

He’s definitely going about things the right way, even though it’s taking a while.  Last thing you want is finding out your machined parts have tons of issues, when you could have figured that out the cheap / easy way in 3d printing.

6:52 – LOL what the.. 😂 that’s awesome the gun is actually in Fallout new Vegas.  haha complete with spongebob tape and all.

Thoughts?  Hopefully .50BMG ammo isn’t $50 per round by the time they are for sale.

I gave Brandon a couple years back.  I was hoping to give it to him when the project was getting close to done, but since it was taking so long I didn’t want to keep paying renewal fees so I gave it to him early.  He hasn’t used it for anything yet, but hopefully it makes its debut with the completed gun.


Initially I assumed this was a sponsored video from Brandon.  😂  a couple minutes in, and I’m 100% sure it’s not:

Oh lawd Heizer Defense… I realize this is totally a “because we could” type gun.. but yea 7.62x39mm out of a barrel that’s not even a few inches long just screams pointless.

1:20 – Yikes.. having to pull the trigger a handful of times before it actually fired is not ideal.

1:24 – Not being able to open it up by hand, so he resorts to hitting the slide with a hammer gets awarded one more “yike” from me.  I’ll throw in a bonus yike for having to ram out the spent casing.

2:44 – Brandon calls out the weird blade bois during the knife sponsored segment.

4:50 – ahaha the go/ no go / field gauge shenanigans had me rolling.

6:28 – This gun just keeps getting worse and worse.

9:18 – Oh wow, it fired on the first trigger pull.  Too bad he couldn’t open it.

The Heizer logo just screams “lower back tattoo”.  It’s definitely one of my litmus tests for evaluating a logo.  If I see lower back tattoo potential, then it goes in the bad pile.  I’m not talking bad meaning good either… I’m talking bad meaning BAD.

Heizer.. Scheisse 😏.  Any thoughts fellas?


You know how thirsty I am for new AK-50 content:

1:10 – Is that Costa tape on Brandon’s arm?  Bold.

1:32 – The AK-50 is looking BEEFY. I like it.

6:25 – Oh man, seeing that round eject.  That must have been amazing for them.  You love to see it. 😊🇺🇸

The trials and tribulations of a gun builder.



The homie Brandon.  Haha damn there are a lot of nice guns in the vid:

An integrally suppressed MP5 is definitely a grail for me.

3:14 – this grease gun looking thing is epic.

4:40 – Back to back to back.. now he’s on the belt fed!  God I wish that were me.  I love the sound of the links hitting the roof.  That whole section is like ASMR.

8:29 – The vintage machine guns will always be cool.  Miniguns are just a whole other league… looking like they came straight off a CNC, built with like 0.000000000001 tolerance.

9:14 – Someone’s house is missing the dryer vent tube right now.

I’m looking forward to that AK-50 test fire video.



We the people keep badgering Brandon to finish the AK-50.. so he gives us updates.  The circle of life:

Really cool to hear about the changes.  “Building in public” has become popular over the past few years with software, but Brandon is still the only guy (that I know of) working on such an ambitious project in the gun community whose talking about the steps a long the way.  I wish more people would take his lead.  If you know of any others let me know so I can take a look.

Oh yea if you like the t-shirt Brandon is wearing, it’s the Pro-Second Amendment t-shirt from ENDO 😊.  You can’t see the back in the video but it says If you can’t handle me at my “well regulated militia” you don’t deserve me at my “shall not be infringed”.

Thoughts?  I realize my posting is quite sporadic nowadays, but I’m trying to work on keeping a regular schedule again.  I have a big backlog of videos to watch.

Holy, Brandon is getting VERY close to 1M followers 👀