bravo concealment

Blah blah blah Bravo Concealment can do magic with kydex like no other:

But then….


LOL who is “Nadia Brown Hole” and what is “Sack Company”, some sort of military unit?  I was honestly terrified to google that.  Whoever this Nadia Brown Hole ladyboy who Instructor Zero likes, I couldn’t find his Instagram or anything. Does he work for Bravo Concealment? Can I get an interview with him? How did he get the moniker? Wait.. scratch that last one I don’t want to know.

Making Instructor Zero parody trolling accounts on social media would be a full time job, if one were inclined to do so.

Thoughts?  Anyone else amped for future Nadia Brown Hole appearances?  I bet he can shoot like hell if Zero rolls with him.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I still have no idea what this guy ever says:

Instructor Zero gets real operational with this… we all know how important high-speed-no-look re-holstering is too *eye roll*.  I love how he’s turning into a Costa-esque shill for anyone who will throw money and/or free gear at him.

This video is especially funny because it tries to be all “Here are the steps you should take to get used to a holster” *BRAVO CONCEALMENT* *BRAVO CONCEALMENT*… oh did I mention Bravo Concealment?  Definitely some decent info in the video besides the obvious product placement and pushes.

This is priceless, from the end of the video:

In the final installment of the 3 part seriesInstructor Zero will give his final verdict on Bravo Concealment holsters.

Instructor-ZeroLOL holy a 3 part series?  His “final verdict”…. uhhh spoiler alert he’ll say you should choose Bravo Concealment.  

As far as the subtitles go, this video isn’t that funny… something mildly funny about a pregnant wife at 2:11, and having a “first baby together” was the best guess translation of some Zero language at 2:23 haha.



First a demo by YouTube tacticouple Cory & Erika:

Known as the FMS Magazine Pouch.  WTF does FMS mean you ask?  Well kind sir, Bravo Concealment decided it would be cool to bring shame to the sanctity of acronyms by making FMS – FPS Russia Mag-dump System.  *smh*  Sure FPS Russia pimps their products to his tween crowd on the regular, but I don’t think the full grown operator demographic that is spending $135 on this holster are going to be impressed by the fake Russian branding.

I’ve worked with Kydex, and it’s not rocket science.  40-45 calendar days (stated on the website) to ship an order seems excessive.  I’ve heard it has been like that for quite a while with Bravo Concealment, and I fail to understand why companies like this don’t evolve and do something to fix their efficiency problems.  In a market where a majority of purchases would be made on impulse I think they are really shitting the bed.  How many of you ever have said “Damn I need a holster… not now, but in a month and a half”?  

Thoughts?  Are you anticipating a need for one of these double rifle / double pistol holsters in a month and a half?