ūüĒ•¬†from Brazil:

The “PSSSSSSSHHHHHHH” pressure release sound effect is CRUCIAL when preforming a foreign disarm.¬† Take notes ūüďĚ.¬† This guy’s name is Master¬†Rayllamm.

1:48 – haha with the mag eject, then the gun drop like a mic drop.

I’m happy to see the no-look-derp-scan hasn’t reached Brazil yet.¬† Oh the innocence.

Oh man this video is money, I love it.  Crucial skill set for the mean streets of Brazil.


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Negligence straight out of Brazil:

A video obtained by police shows a man wielding a machine gun with a silencer on the beach of Ensenada, in Guaruj√° (S√£o Paulo coast), and killing a colleague. According to police, the man who fired the shot is Rodrigo de Moura Oliveira, 36 He was arrested and, according to the Department of Public Safety, is suspected of being a member of criminal organization PCC (First Command Capital). Police do not yet know if the shooting was deliberate or accidental. However, the images suggest that firing was done by mistake. The victim of the shooting is 40 year old Marco Antonio Nemer.

Brazil-Jesus-Statue-GunsHmm deliberate or accidental? ¬†I can’t tell because the video was filmed with a ham sandwich, but if it’s accidental then DAMN people are stupid. ¬†I hope they were at least drinking and/or doing lots of drugs to explain away some of the stupidity.

Internet operators be like “Make / model of suppressor? ¬†Type of handgun? ¬†Is he running 5.11 shorts? ¬†Is that hat SKD Tactical? ¬†Shooter’s EDC details?”


OH LAAAAAAWwwwD this is surprising, but yet not at the same time:

The source is a Brazilian police fan page on facebook.

Even my girlfriend was like “Couldn’t they have just had a dummy that went across?”. ¬†Me:¬†*puffs chest out* These are big boy rules GurL.

Brazil-Police-Downrange-OperatorsBrazilian’s operate hard. Thoughts?

Hat tip: Krystian


*puts sunglasses on* Looks like they got more than just the dough:



0:22 – I gotta hand it to him.. that phone snatch / casual floor smash looked badass.

0:56 – Lucky he was wearing a helmet, otherwise that would have hurt! ¬†Oh wait…



Ever wanted to see 16 police recruits get pepper sprayed back to back?

Or 5 grown men get tasered simultaneously and sing like little girls?

As one of the comments on YouTube says.. “Press 5 over and over to hear an angel choir”. haha :P


A police officer aims his weapon during an operation against alleged drug traffickers at the Complexo do Alem√£o slum in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday Nov. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/ Silvia Izquierdo)

The haircut, the sunglasses, the multiple aiming devices, the laser, the gloves etc… That guy is the¬†definition¬†of Tactical. ¬†I bet he pisses Hoppes and shits picatinny rails. A single tear would roll down the cheek of RTT CQB Man if they were ever to find themselves in the same room.

There are a lot of interesting guns in this photoset… check out the whole thing – HERE