Breaking Bad

Man these guys have a lot of fun:

Long-Live-ASAC-Schrader-Breaking-BadLOL seriously epic.  Adam did an awesome job on this.

I’m not at all surprised the M60 (7.62×51mm) was able to take care of business like that.

Breaking bad was such an awesome show.  I watched “Better Call Saul” and it’s alright because Saul is cool… but it’s definitely no Breaking Bad.


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Breaking Derp / targets on rounds:

Re-re-re-re-reeeeeeemiiiiiiiix. LOL so perfect.  See the original here if you missed it.

Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-LloydSigh I miss Breaking Bad *pours out liquor*


Gat tip: Lepanoksa


Richard Ryan with another Breaking Bad related video:

Richard-Ryan-ENDOBesides the always stellar slow motion footage, the intros on these Breaking Bad videos has been epic.  

That would be such a burn if Walt didn’t even use that M60 in the final episode… I’m sure he will though.

Oh and in case you forgot:




Richard Ryan heads to the desert, meets Heisenberg, and shoots meth cooking equipment:

LOL that intro is amazing.  I watched it 3 times before I started making this post.

Behind the scenes:

It’s cool to see new shooters so excited.

Breaking Bad is such a badass show.  Finale next Sunday!  Get caught up if you’re not already down.

Richard-Ryan-ENDORichard, you should shoot sheets of blue safety glass for a Breaking Bad video sometime!  Might be hard to clean up though I guess.

Richard is in the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt.

hahah he’s no doubt on a watch list.  Auto weapons, .50 BMGs, plastic explosives, meth cooking equipment LOL… yea that will do it.