Brian Aitken

He’s going all the way to the supreme court because there ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks:

Well spoken guy, I hope he gets a clean slate and his son back.  Check out the indiegogo campaign and toss some money his way for the book if you want to support the cause.

For the background story check out the post I did on Brian Aitken back in 2010.

The beard represents the struggle… it’s a good look on him.  I can’t tell from the video because it’s only neck up, but I hope he pumped mad iron during that 4 month bid and soap-in-sock’d a lot of people who slipped up in his presence.

Brian-Aitken-New-Jersey-Gun-Law-PrisonThe amount of money and resources that have already been wasted on vilifying this guy, and the money and time wasted in the future when this hits the supreme court is unbelievable.  Think of all the actual criminals that could have been caught and what not instead.

I used the behind bars picture of him again because he’s still a prisoner of the system.

Thoughts?  How do you see this ending?


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Good news for the Colorado man convicted of illegally possessing two handguns in New Jersey.

Gov. Chris Christie commuted Aitken’s sentence, from seven years to time served, according to an order the governor signed today. (Source)

Glad to see common sense prevailed.

Full story of the Brian Aitken debacle – HERE


In New Jersey, a person must have a purchaser’s permit and a carry permit to have a handgun in his or her car.  As a result of not having either, Colorado resident Brian Aitken is now doing 7 years in a state prison.

Brian was trying to get his life back on track two years ago when he moved back to New Jersey from Colorado to be closer to his young son and estranged wife. But on Jan. 2, 2009, his mood darkened when his planned visit with his son was canceled at the last minute. His mother, concerned for his safety, called the police, and when the police located him, they searched his car and found two locked and unloaded handguns in the trunk.

  • Full Story – HERE
  • More on Brian’s own website – HERE
  • You can join the Free Brian Aitken Facebook Page – HERE

Is Brian Aitken a criminal? I suppose by definition he is because he broke the law.

I’ve mentioned on here before what I think about laws like that.  There are too many of them, they are convoluted, and they do nothing but punish and restrict people are are not criminals.

The worst is how he got caught… I bet his mom feels terrible. Moms are gonna worry though, you need to mitigate the damage and call the lady with a status update from time to time.

It really seems like there is a year to year competition in this country to see how many people we can lock up for random bullshit.  It’s getting tiring.

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