Brian Kemp

They had to get a former cop to weigh in and scare the bozos into thinking that Georgia will become a more dangerous place:

“making it easier for domestic abusers, violent criminals, and the mentally ill to carry loaded guns”.  We’re talking criminals doing crimes with these guns, so as usual whatever is written down somewhere as a cute little new “law” doesn’t matter one bit to any of those kind of people.

If you click through to the twitter replies there’s the usual uneducated pearl-clutching you’d expect.


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This guy is running for Georgia state governor:

The only thing I find more cringy than politics and the main people involved, are low effort but try hard promo videos… worse yet when they are gun related.

What are the chances Brian has at least one gun with a bible inscription on it, a punisher skull, or MoLoN LaBe?

I didn’t scroll the YouTube comments, but I wouldn’t be surprised if piehitters (who don’t even live in Georgia) were like “Brain, I’m GoNa VoTe 4 You.  IMpoRTnt Queshtun Tho diD u ShOoT yUr YETI cOoLerz Yet?”

The “I have guns, so treat my daughter well” joke is so played out.  I don’t know when it was first uttered, but I’m sure it was shortly after the invention of black powder.  I think it’s safe to say the joke has run its course.