From CollegeHumor:

HOLY there is a lot of hate in the YouTube comments on this one.  People love being butthurt… definitely a favorite internet pass time.

American-FlagIt doesn’t matter if you think it’s hilariously funny or not… the point is a site called COLLEGE HUMOR came out with it.  Not CNN.

I hope all of you had a great 4th and are enjoying the weekend!



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Holy this is awesome:

War-Propaganda-Poster-FacebookThe British are a crafty bunch.  I bet modern militaries do all sorts of cool stuff like this we have no idea is going on.


This blog is no stranger to the Tactical Kilt… I posted some pictures about a year ago and my thoughts still remain the same.

I actually forgot they existed until last Sunday’s episode of Top Shot (S01E06 – Wild Wild West) where former British Army Captain Iain Harrison had one on for the first half of the show:

It was both surprising and disappointing that no on camera kilt jokes were made.

At least they didn’t have to watch him shoot prone.  LOL



Skip to 3:05 min for the story. Alex Jones is so dramatic… funny as hell though.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the audio recordings exactly mirrored his imitation of her. He brings up a lot of great points about guns and the irrational fear of guns in this video.


A few days ago I blogged about the British Army sniper that set a new kill distance record with an Accuracy International L115A3.


Well it looks like the British are breeding Universal soldier types, because today some more impressive shooting was in the UK news:

A British sniper shot dead five Taliban gunmen in just 28 seconds to save the lives of comrades walking into an ambush.

The marksman felled the rebels from more than a mile away as they prepared to attack troops on foot patrol in Afghanistan.

The corporal  –  whose identity cannot be revealed for security reasons  –  has killed a record 37 enemy fighters during a four-month tour of duty.

Full Story – HERE

The phones at Accuracy International are likely ringing off the hook lately.

If I were British I’d  have done this in reaction to the article: