britney spears

Ugh what can I say about Britney Spears that’s hasn’t already been said about herpes:

There was some controversy in London where it was filmed.   Not because the song and video is a piece of shit, but because of the gun use in it (huge surprise).

The amount of product placement in the video is astonishing.   What a complex story line too… boyfriend is a dick and gets punched out by a “criminal” (obligatory greasy hair, knuckle tattoos, huge back; neck and chest tattoos) who Britney decides to shack up with.


Britney Spears style:

Awesome stuff. I love when they break it down starting at 2:25. LOL

If you’re going to write a “tax dollars” related comment please include your address so I can get someone within driving distance to come kick you in the balls. :P

I blogged about Britney Spears original vid for this a while back too because she was rocking a sweet belt made out of linked .223 ammo.

Make sure to also check out the Lady Gaga – Telephone remake that was done a while back.  It’s also hilarious.


As seen in the music video for “Hold it against me” at 36 seconds:

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”
-Britney Spears

Ahhhhhh .. I see what you did there :roll:.

Pretty classy belt though. Looks like she went all out with Hornady TAP, then decided to get the links done in gold.

She still has a way to go before she can match Lady Gaga’s dual AR-15 bra which I talked about HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hat tip: Girlfriend