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My caption:

🗨️*Pop-up Video info nugget* This music video was so sweaty, Britney had to use dummy rounds during the live fire scenes. The surplus ammo on set was slowing down filming due to crippling rust induced malfunctions.

Naturally everyone on Instagram got the joke… but Facebook you ask?  Yea as expected there were a couple who didn’t.  Oh well you win some and you lose some in the fire-captions game.

It didn’t even occur to me until someone pointed it out, but probably a lot of my followers don’t even know what Popup video is.  Wild.  I guess I should be surprised though, since I’m old enough to have Royal Nonsuch as my former future step son.


Here’s the original video in case you want to check it out:

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Ugh what can I say about Britney Spears that’s hasn’t already been said about herpes:

There was some controversy in London where it was filmed.   Not because the song and video is a piece of shit, but because of the gun use in it (huge surprise).

The amount of product placement in the video is astonishing.   What a complex story line too… boyfriend is a dick and gets punched out by a “criminal” (obligatory greasy hair, knuckle tattoos, huge back; neck and chest tattoos) who Britney decides to shack up with.


Britney Spears style:

Awesome stuff. I love when they break it down starting at 2:25. LOL

If you’re going to write a “tax dollars” related comment please include your address so I can get someone within driving distance to come kick you in the balls. :P

I blogged about Britney Spears original vid for this a while back too because she was rocking a sweet belt made out of linked .223 ammo.

Make sure to also check out the Lady Gaga – Telephone remake that was done a while back.  It’s also hilarious.


As seen in the music video for “Hold it against me” at 36 seconds:

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”
-Britney Spears

Ahhhhhh .. I see what you did there :roll:.

Pretty classy belt though. Looks like she went all out with Hornady TAP, then decided to get the links done in gold.

She still has a way to go before she can match Lady Gaga’s dual AR-15 bra which I talked about HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hat tip: Girlfriend