Get it? Pi = 3.14… March (the third month) 14th.  Ahhhhhh ha ha ha.  Brownells celebrated:

WTF, is Brownells trying to steal Mattv2099‘s thunder?  Do they think this internet food video shit’s a game? *DMX growls & barks*  Well they did have an Auto FAL… so I’ll give them that.

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsThoughts?  Please don’t tell me you and your bros had a pi party yesterday where you tried to outdo each other by reciting the most digits back.

(Sorry if you got excited when you saw the post graphic… it was the only PIE related graphic I have uploaded and I’m too lazy to google anything right now)


A box of chocolates you can give to your lady if you spend $99 or more:

Brownells-Valentines-Day-ChocolatesHusbands be like “But I thought you’d like the chocolates!” when the VISA bill comes in the mail.

Head over to Brownells and load your cart up to make it happen…  it’s pretty much guaranteed to make your lady happy so you really should at least buy $100 worth of magazines for yourself because you’re such a great guy.

I hope a lot of companies put out some funny vids for valentines day in the next week or so.

Thoughts?  Taking advantage of this offer?


Hitler got on the list first, yet some other guy on ARFCOM got his mags ahead of him:

Hitler-PMAG-Backorderhahah I was sick of these for a while, but this particular one is amazing.

I lost it at “I might as well buy TAPCO mags” LOL it gets better after that even.

Anyone else get screwed by Backordergate, or just him?

Hat tip: So many of you sent it in, thanks!


Brownells beating an undead zombie horse:

DERP levels at maximum both in the video and over on the Zombie Elimination Crew website.  I tired of the zombie product/branding craze as soon as it began.  Not to say I won’t still watch The Walking Dead… I’m simply just sick of every company under the sun adding zombie crap into their lineup.

I bet whoever came up with this idea over at Brownells marketing dept was hailed a genius, when in my opinion they should have been laughed at and told to come up with something original.