browning m2

Yea they are paintball M2 Browning’s, but the video is still really awesome:

The “making of” the video:

Audi-Paintball-ShootoutOh the fun you can have in an empty airplane hangar.  Damn those guys can drive!

That’s actually a half decent looking station wagon. Fast too.



At a shooting range, and actually really enjoys it!  hahah actually no he obviously is terrified:

What a stone cold killer… puts his finger directly on the trigger when he first picks up that AR.  Newb.  I like how he started pulling the trigger quickly though.  I figured he would have filled his pants and asked to leave after the first round went downrange.

6:20 – Sweeeeet Piers goes AUTO.  Then “To me they just feel unbelievably powerful.”

LOL at him firing the Browning M2… pure gold.

Priceless how honest his host at the range was with him, that was good to see. The one bad thing is that Piers is literally going to be talking about this experience FOREVER.

Alex Jones showed up (Presumably to troll Piers) but nothing interesting went down as you can see. Alex Jones did go on a rant outside at a protest, but I lost him at “Collaborative Globalist Media”.

Piers Morgan had a chat With Ted Nugent after as well:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffInteresting how Piers is back in polite mode (An armed society is a polite society? ;) ) Ted Nugent was on his best behavior as well… good representative for sure. Voices were raised, but there was at least some back and forth.



They should turn that spade grip into a foot pedal for him. Youtube footage of a dog killing Taliban soldiers would go viral instantly.

Sadly, the killing enemies thing is probably a violation of U.S. dog law.  Dog law in this country is not governed by reason.