buck yeager

Reid and Buck Yeager break down Regulate in an AAR:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedDefinitely one of the best Warren G /Nate Dogg tracks. Hearing two old white guys read the lyrics out in plain english then proceed to break them down with straight faces was gold.  

Yeager dropped the ball at the end though when he didn’t know Nate Dogg died in 2011.



Yeager rustles some jimmies:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedSo many keyboard commandos Yeager has to deal with all the time.  He loves that shit though.

3:00 – Hahhah Mini-14… Whenever I hear that rifle’s name I always remember this Mini-14 shooters diagnostic chart.


4213 students last year?  I expected more considering how famous he always tells us he is:

Buck Yeager says that “haters” made him almost a half mil last year.  Good for him.

I love so much when some people talk about how many “haters” they have.  Most of the time these people are usually useless and you wouldn’t miss anything if you tuned them out… Interestingly enough Yeager has some good stuff to say most of the time though.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedYour responsibility to be a hater… never ends.



Buck Yeager wants to make a documentary about his life at Tactical Response:

In this documentary you will follow a group of James Yeager’s Tactical Response students (some with law enforcement experience, some current or prior military duty and some civilians with a little training and some with a LOT) through intensive and gut wrenching scenarios.Training which will test both their physical and mental boundaries. Think embedded cameramen. That means no sound stage! No rehearsals! No phony drama! No actors! Real stress! Real emotion and REAL DANGER!

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedCheck out his Kickstarter and throw some money his way if you want to support.  haha wow $18k of 10k already raised… well that didn’t take long.

Sounds like it will be entertaining; I’ll watch it.  A lot of camera men running around, safety could get dicey.  Yeager isn’t afraid of down range photography though, we already know that.



Come for the collab, stay for Bryan Black & MrColionNoir:

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedI’ve always been a big fan of Bryan as a person, and ITS Tactical as a company.  Great branding, great products, great information, great people.  Make sure to click the link and check out his site if you’re not already familiar… you’ll definitely learn something.

5:45 – “If you’re a baller and you can afford the PVS-14 and a dedicated scope, that would be the optimal thing” – Oh god Yeager used the term “baller”

7:11 – Oh shit… the reverse Oreo.  MrColionNoir’s got jokes ;)



Bros that night vision / thermal hog hunt together, stay together:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOFunny stuff, worth watching if you’re fans of either or both guys.

No threats were made to start killing people, no one was called a coward, and there was no duel contract involved.

9:23 – Yeager on haters “Think they would ever actually say that shit to my face?”   MrColionNoir: “I would……… from 20 miles away”  hahahha owned.