The much awaited finale is now out:

Make sure you watch the first 3 parts too, they are hilarious.

I still can’t believe that guy is riding an actual buffalo around.  What a badass.

Hat tip: Brian C.


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For your enjoyment:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video and story adapted from the now-residing-in-the-public-domain film from 1978 – Buffalo Rider. Music, lyrics, editing and audio performance by Jomo Edwards of the Austin-based sardonic honky-tonk bluegrass band, The Possum Posse.

I absolutely lost it in part 1 when he buttstroked that Indian ROFL then broke his gun on a stump.  What a random film.. I love it.

Hat tip: Matt H.



If you haven’t yet seen this movie, please go buy it (HERE) or rent it!

This is definitely one of the best opening movie scenes ever.  Not only is the camera work and computer graphics work well done, but the choice of song ( Buffalo Springfield – For What It´s Worth ) is absolutely perfect and sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

That song gives me goosebumps… it’s going on my ipod a.s.a.p.