A promo video:

Bug-A-Salt-2$40 if you pre-order on Indiegogo.  It’s uglier than ever with that fly camo pattern, not to mention the entire design itself looks like shit… but if you have lots of flies in your place I’m sure it would be pretty easy to get $40 worth of fun out of the thing.



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Crazy Sling Shot Guy goes all in:

Joerg-SpraveLOL yea I wouldn’t want to be hit with that.   haha @ his awesome laugh as usual.


Salty flies anyone? *nom nom nom*:

How long until some kid shoots another in the eye and blinds them?  :P You just know someone is going to blind a hobo sooner or later too.

Safety engaged after each shot  WTF is that?  I’d find a way to disable that ASAP… you can’t have an assault pistol that keeps popping the safety on every time you pull the trigger!  What is this guy a Brady plant?  Maybe it was a Chinese design idea just to F with American kids the old fashioned way? haha yea I’m going with that one.

You can pre-order a gun at indigogo.  It’s only $30, which is awesome… I just wish it wasn’t made in China, and that he didn’t try to play it off as being so necessary in the video to go there.

More info on the Bug-A-Salt website also.


Hat tip: Philip