Caught on camera, complete with beatdown:

Full Story over at the Daily Mail.

Quite an intense few seconds at the beginning.  They say gunman used a “gas pistol” which I’m assuming is some sort of CO2 BB gun (or even more lame an airsoft gun), and are calling the attempt a hoax.  For what gain, I’m not sure… maybe they thought the guy who was supposed to be the vicitim would gain popularity from not dying.  Not dying from an attempted assassination is pretty badass I suppose; one could ride those coattails with the ladies for a while, and get some free drinks out of it for sure.

My commentary:

0:37 – They start laying the boots to him.

1:50 – Wedgie King (as he is known in Bulgaria) makes his debut.  Son’s wedgie skills are unparalleled… peep game.  It was just at the threshold of becoming “atomic” but he got yanked away.

2:19 – Wedgie King puts the double ass in AssAssination and transfers some wedgie juice to a fan that shows respect.  Real recognize real.

2:29 – Oh Lawd, does no one have cuffs or some zip ties?  What kind of bush-league security do they have in Bulgaria?  In my opinion they should have just knocked the guy unconscious and dragged him out of there by his feet.

3:51 – I hope that’s the guy’s mangled underwear, but I doubt it.  You just know Wedgie King is going to swoop in and grab that for his collection if he gets the chance.

4:14 – Translation: “LOL yea some piece of shit CO2 gun bro… yea what a lame.  We stomped that motherf**ker out though, it’s all gravy”

4:35 – Translation: “No No… we are done with boring speeches for today.  There’s wedgie juice and blood all over the stage lady.”


Hat tip: William


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