bullet hole

eBayer’s gonna have negligent discharges and eBay:

You can visit the auction page on eBay – HERE

From the auction description:

The item functions perfectly but as seen on the photo, there is a bullet hole just below the screen.

A firearm discharged accidentally while being maintenanced.

The screen is not at all damaged.

The seller also includes a video showing the laptop in perfect working condition.

At the time of writing this there are 13 bids on the laptop with the price currently at $355.  There’s 1 day and 14 hours left on the auction, but if it stays that low someone is going to get a sweet deal because that same laptop (without bullet hole) is going for around $1000 over at Amazon.

Thoughts?  I don’t care what the end price is, I would get sick of explaining that the bullet hole was not a result of my own derp… and then not having anyone believe me.  Although I suppose a person could always carry a printout of the auction, or take a screenshot for posterity to show to the non-believers.

Any of you guys ever put a bullet hole through an expensive piece of electronic equipment?  Chronographs do count.

Hat tip: Reggie, Arthur