bullet time

This looks intense:

superhot-video-gameSo ya time moves only when you move.  This looks like my type of game… one where my 33 year old reflexes won’t be constantly pwned by quick game engines and sassy 12 year olds.

Reminds me of Matrix / Max Payne, but less fancy and probably more fun.

Interestingly enough Superhot was a kickstarter project which raised ~$250,000 for it’s development.

You can buy SUPERHOT on Steam if you’re interested.  Let me know how it is, BECAUSE SON I DON’T PLAY GAMES (figuratively and literally haha :P).


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The Corridor Digital guys try Max Payne / Matrix style bullet time shooting:

Airsoft-Bullet-Time-ShootingConclusion: It’s as difficult as you’d think.

Do these guys even operate? :P  Everything looks so much cooler in slow motion.

5:48 – LOL they let the water delivery guy have a go at it.

Gat tip: John