This is pretty cool:

1:16 – Gav is terrified of guns?  Interesting considering they’ve done a lot of gun stuff over the years.

The novelty of slow motion footage kind of wore off for me, but these guys consistently put out quality footage.  I wonder how many guys (businesses) got late into the slow motion game, and had trouble paying their cameras off?

No real surprise here that the .416 won.  Really cool how they stacked the footage like that.



This is funny:

Ok ok I’ll say that was funny and well done.  April fools day in general though I find to be the cringiest day of the year.  I say this because even the most white bread companies are like “we should go viral” so they make some “neva bin done befo” derp up which isn’t funny most of the time.  Naturally a good percentage of the viewers don’t even understand the concept of April fool’s day, or remember it happens once a year so those companies get a bunch of phone calls and emails etc..

ahaha the top comment on the video is “Are you planning for one designed for selfies?” -jbmotter

Thoughts?  Do you like April fools day, or do you find in general it’s played out as well?

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Uh, for you know… science:

For science and the culture.  The results were as expected, considering lego heads weigh basically nothing.

Everyone started jumping on this “Lego head .40” trend after some guy initially figured out the heads fit perfectly in .40 brass.

The pic I used in the article is from Solscud, the same guy who made the video above.





A bullet from the gun fired by a Colorado sheriff’s deputy in a wild shootout entered a suspect’s weapon and traveled straight down the pistol’s barrel.  Aurora Deputy Jose Marquez was visiting his girlfriend in January in Aurora when two armed suspects approached him with their guns drawn.  Marquez was shot multiple times in the chest and stomach before the suspects ran off.

You can check out the full article at Breitbart.

I saw this picture and almost made the face of the XD emoticon.

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You get this kind of oversight:


haha cool story brAh.  What happened, did the shooter take a hammer and pound the entire cartridge through the windshield?  Did the cartridge fall from the sky?  These are questions that need answers amirite?  *smfh* the fact this product made it through R&D I literally CAN’T EVEN… wait no… no… just D, there was obviously no R involved.

Remember when Glock went “Full Cartridge” on our asses?  That was gold.

Thoughts?  Maybe the genius behind TriggerPoint designed this gag gift as his segue to the even derpier product we’ve all be laughing at for the past few weeks.

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haha what a terrible idea:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Hathmmm I actually though something more exciting would happen, like the slide blowing up.  That’s actually pretty awesome from a safety standpoint, if all that happens is the gun stops working. I suppose though we’ve seen pictures of that before LOL at this .375 Magnum with 8 bullets stacked up in the barrel.

On a related note, I find it hard to believe that he couldn’t remove the initial jammed bullet with a rod no matter how hard he hammered it.