This had a cool twist:

Interesting how some of those panels were simply from a printed circuit board factory for $5 per plate.  Definitely not a replacement for kevlar, but yea interesting nonetheless.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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VICE took a look (me: ducks incoming eggs being thrown).  The video is actually pretty useless… I watched the whole thing while writing the post, but thought I better warn you:

0:05 – Damn we’re 5 seconds in and I already see VICE missed the perfect opportunity to load the rounds into the HK magazine backwards.  You young guys make sure to click the thumbnail of the post to see what I’m talking about.

0:20 – Why exactly is it “sad” that a backpack can stop a bullet? 🤔 . He actually does elaborate later on, and I like what he’s saying about parents essentially giving up because they see being shot at school as the new normal.

Bulletblocker is the company in the video.  Imagine if they added some kevlar to some of the new Supreme backpacks?

6:50 – This VICE kid is losing his mind how messed up it is they they shot a backpack.



This genius 👇:

“Neva Bin DoNe BefO”.  Like my dude Andrew said in an email to me “Next viral internet challenge”… I sure hope not 😂.

I definitely do believe that he actually did shoot himself, but holy he’s bad on camera.  The softshell he’s wearing in the video is $329 on their website.  Their stuff all actually isn’t bad looking… It’s no Stone Island (my all time favorite brand for outerwear), but it’s definitely wearable.  The panels thankfully don’t make the items looks ridiculously bulky.

Thoughts?  You copping?  I’ll continue to get sick Stone Island and Arc’teryx Veilance fits off, acting like I’m not afraid I’m going to catch a stray when up posted up sipping a latte at the new spot on the fringe of the hood.

Gat tip: Quasimofo


Engineer Larry Howell did it:

My first thought was “Larry isn’t even Asian, how does he know this sorcery?”.  One Asian guy I went to school with knew how to make a crane, a ninja star, and a gun… they were all pretty dope.

0:22 – WHAT?  Terri isn’t Asian either?  Wow this video is really breaking down walls.  Now you’re going to tell me they didn’t even consult with any Asian literature at the very minimum.

0:44 – Twelve layers of Kevlar for the shield.

0:47 – Still no Asians. *mind blown*

1:02 – The opening / closing looks really awesome.  10/10 would deploy in a situation.

1:20 – Kenny… guess what he isn’t?  ASIAN. This is too much guys.

1:26 – None

1:40 – Is that guy Asian?  That would be such a high key diss is he was and they blurred his face.



This is SO necessary guys.  If you say otherwise you’re a pussy, and you probably shouldn’t have guns:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15*smh* You know what though, I’m just glad to see he took the proper safety precautions… you know like eyepro, earpro, gloves, and that standard issue Under Armor hat.  Just in case.

Like I said in my Instagram caption, it’s astonishing that five people (shown in the video) actually were all on board with this idea.  Testing bulletproof vests in this manner definitely isn’t one of those “neva bin done befo” type things.  It’s been done lots, and every time I just ask myself why.  All it proves to me is that someone in the company is basically willing to turn themselves into a tactical carny.

Alpha 6 Tactical are the guys who did this.  According to the About Us section, the company is made up of TIER -293 level operators.



Mercedes says BRING IT:


Offers full body protection against continuous automatic-weapons fire such as you might receive from M60 machine guns, which use 7.62 x 51 mm rounds.

The S600 Guard isn’t simply an S-class wearing a bunch of armor. The windows, several times thicker than the stock double-pane glass, are so heavy that each needs its own hydraulic lift to open and close. You’ll want them raised in the event of a gas attack, which is also a good time to activate the oxygen system that seals all exterior vents and delivers clean air to the occupants. IED threats are accounted for by underbody plating.

Your enemies should also forget about using a puny .45 to shoot out the tires, as the Michelin PAX run-flats—all but discontinued elsewhere—incorporate a special rigid ring that attaches to the rim and allows driving with zero pressure for more than 18 miles.

Full writeup and lots of pictures of the car in pristine un-shot condition on Car & Driver.

Wow that’s a nice vehicle.  I’ve always been a fan of the S Class.