Someone needs to test these two versions of ballistic underwear on their YouTube channel!



Check out the two websites, Blast boxers and U.S. Armor Ballistic Underwear.

I have no idea what the real difference between the two are, but I’d like to find out.  Are the blast boxers mainly for IED protection?  The U.S. armor version definitely looks more like regular boxer briefs.

Police-SHTF-SHTU-underwearYeager also briefly interviewed the guy who invented US Armor ballistic underwear if you want to check it out.

Thoughts?  Who’s testing?  Richard Ryan?  Taofledermaus?  Demolition Ranch?  Mattv2099?  Honestly I’d like to see you all test them in your own way.  Mattv2099’s testing could potentially be creepy to the max on this type of thing though haha.


The German old guys of Lahner Academy are at it again:

It’s basically the high-speed version of the derpy bodyguard ballistic blanket I posted about last week.

The best part about these videos is watching the old guys demonstrate by beating the crap out of one another.

Lahner-Academy-TrainingAre soft armor shield configurations like this used at all in the US?



If you want to see the most useless company promotional video on the planet:

$260 for the Level IIIA armor disguised as a desk pad.  Basically all anyone cared to see was the damage the the armor in that video, and they didn’t bother showing it. *facepalm* Yeager got sent a shield which he’s going to review, so we’ll see… normally his reviews are pretty good.

I don’t know… I’m sure this has it’s uses, but first of all it won’t stop rifle rounds so that makes it partially useless.  Secondly, at least half your body will be exposed to gunfire so you’d still have a really good chance of being shot.  Bullets travel faster than your shitty reflexes… another downside.

haha Look at this “in use” picture from the website:


Not sure why he has his hand up and out like that.  Theres a picture of a lady doing the same thing on the site… then more unimpressive pictures of them holding the shield in portrait and landscape mode. *yawn*

leonidas-fabulousThis is basically the exact same thing as the derpy Minnesota shot blocker I posted about last year.

They need to release a spartan helmet disguised as a vase you can inconspicuously put on your desk. LOL



Over All Master Cloth (OAMC) thought it needed clarification:

OAMC-Kevlar-Low-ShoeNothing like looking through the sights at some $868 shoes and then tearing them to shreds with your M4.

I like the shoes though.  I really hope OAMC Richard Ryan‘s more of their awesome products.



$20,000 suit from a bespoke tailor in Toronto, Canada:

0:38 – Yea no doubt, I can imagine shit gets real when dealing with oil and diamonds.  Blogging carries similar risks.

1:01 – Did Maxwell ever stop to think that maybe he’s looking over his shoulder because of horrendous suit / tie parings?  Step your game up pimpin and see if that doesn’t change your life around.

1:35 – That doesn’t look like many layers of Kevlar, but he claims .22, 9mm, and .45 stopping power.  No Deagle brand Deagle .50AE protection?  PASS. :P

Here’s to hoping the person shooting at you doesn’t play too much COD and try to land headshots.

Matrix-Neo-Stop-BulletsYou can read more about Garrison, Toronto’s custom bulletproof suit tailor over at their website.

Unconfirmed if they will make a custom Canadian tuxedo (All denim), but I’m assuming they could to meet your needs.

Thoughts?  Better off buying name brand, getting it tailored and putting a vest on?


If you’re an operator you’re going to need these ballistic shields for your rifle when you operate in operations:





Available from X Armament… get them before they sell out! LOL

With the Level III protection flanking your precious face, you’ll pretty much be invincible to incoming fire.  If my calculations are correct (carry the one…. double check… yea they are correct) you’ll basically be able to leisurely stroll into a battlefield and pick off tangos with ease, all without getting a scratch on you.

Nothing says operator like having armor plates on your Ruger 10/22 (1st picture above).  Battles have been fought and won worldwide with that rifle, and will continue to be decades into the future.

I actually posted a Homemade Shielded Weapons System a while back which someone made for fun.  I didn’t think a company would actually start making and selling something similar.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip: Dave