Quick tour of the Sierra bullet factory:

mmmmm bullets…

That looks like some serious equipment.


One of many very realistic looking entries into a Brooklyn, NY jello mold competition.

If you check out the gallery, some of them are pretty disturbing, in a “i’d never eat that even if it is jello” type of way.

Some of the cartridges look like 9mm, although others look very enlongated.  Maybe it was the way they were taken out of the mold that stretched them though *shrug*.  What do you guys think?


Pan flute made by scavenging a few bullet casings and random bits of junk to make a musical instrument perfect for the post apocalypse jam session!

  • DIY instructions – HERE

Looks cool.. very industrial.

I hope if people take the DIY authors advice and use discarded shell casings they picked up at a range they make sure to wash them VERY VERY well.  You can get really sick from lead poisoning or from dirty gunpowder.


As seen in the music video for “Hold it against me” at 36 seconds:

“If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”
-Britney Spears

Ahhhhhh .. I see what you did there :roll:.

Pretty classy belt though. Looks like she went all out with Hornady TAP, then decided to get the links done in gold.

She still has a way to go before she can match Lady Gaga’s dual AR-15 bra which I talked about HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Hat tip: Girlfriend


Just when I thought I saw all the high speed gun related photos the internet had to offer… the above is just a taste.  Birdshot!

Make sure you check out the rest on the Guns & Ammo website – HERE


Full Story – HERE

As unsettling as it is, this is probably not a bad thing to teach kids no matter where they live. That said, Mexico is so out of control.