People apparently want this:

LOL yea because so many people die from head shots every year.  *smh* Wtf is this Call of Duty?

If you’re so worried that you’re going to be executed square in the forehead (from a high angle… you’re on your knees?) when you leave the house in the morning maybe you should pick a new place to live?  Actually maybe I’m not being paranoid enough… you should probably get bulletproof earmuffs for winter (that look like regular earmuffs), bulletproof glasses. a bulletproof neck warmer (that looks like a regular neck warmer), bulletproof gloves, a bulletproof jock cup, bulletproof pants, and kevlar socks with bulletproof shoes.

The scientific test… note all the testing instrumentation and equipment:

From the FAQ:

Won’t the force from the impact kill you anyway?

No. The amount of energy in a handgun round is high, but not as high as some people seem to believe. A .45ACP has about 450 Joules of energy. A hockey slapshot has about 240. So the amount of impact you would feel is on the order of twice the impact of being hit in the helmet with a hockey puck. Is that enough to give you a concussion? Maybe? It is certainly in that range, but a concussion would be a welcome outcome when compared to the damage a bullet would do to the same area without protection.

Hats are hot enough to wear in any decent weather… I can’t imagine that panel inside would be even remotely comfortable in any sort of heat.

Notch-HatIf Kickstarter had someone filtering out the retarded ideas meant to separate people from their money, they would have like two successfully funded projects in the history of the site.  That said, if you want to throw some money at this one go for it.

Me?  I’m squirreling all my money into buying notch hats.  Buy low sell high bitches!!!!! yeeeeeeeeee haw!  Notch x BulletSafe collab on the horizon?  Mankind could only be so lucky.  Get Instructor Zero endorsing it and that may just be the first tactical billion dollar product.