Scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

He makes some good points.  If you just want to see him show the rifle and mess around with it, go to 8:15.

That optic on the high-rise extendo’d out over the gas block is making my eye twitch.


Gat tip: @the_mthr_goose

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Whoa this is crazy:

I had no idea this existed.  Looks like something you’d mount underneath another gun, “master key shotgun” style.

Top ejection, angle adjustable foregrip haha badass.  How is this thing not in like every movie?



LAV takes a look at a rare bullpup rifle they used in the movie District 9:

Larry Vuitton has all the hookups!  When he’s not shooting with models he’s shooting v rare guns.

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyLOL @ when he yells “prawn!” at 2:53.

Nothing I’d really care to own.. but it looks cool enough I guess.  I’m sure there’s a big market for all types of aesthetic and bullpup conversions no matter how shitty it ends up making the trigger feel etc..



Demolition Ranch with some cool redneck science:

haha when he said how he found the term “redneck scentist” offensive at the beginning of the video I was like “Really? 0.o”  the joke was on me though.


Pretty slick, I don’t know how big of a fan I am of having my neck right next to the opposite side of the ejection port and that near the chamber… That said, I don’t know ho much safer it is having your head 6 inches back either if something blows up.

If he refined the design and produced it I’m sure he would sell tons of them, regardless of how useful or comfortable it is to shoot.



Did FPS Russia have plastic surgery?  Did he lose weight?  Is he wearing eye makeup?  He looks different in the face:

Well the intro was boring, and in general he talks to much in the video.  LOL at the derpy looking Remington 870 bullpup kit.  I swear some companies design things to look like shit on purpose.  Hopefully it doesn’t some how dick with the classic Remington 870 reliability.

FPS-RussiaI could have done without the music in the background through the video.  That was distracting.

4:20 – He shouts out our guy Richard Ryan for the slow-motion video.  Nice.



Better than nothing if you want a bullpup shotgun I suppose:

Terrible looking design though… Yeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhh.  I’m always surprised when designs are shitty, like it costs any less to make a mold for something that looks like a dogs breakfast from the 1980s.

Regardless of how shitty it looks, I’m sure they will sell a lot of them at the $360 asking price.  It has AR-15 features on it, so that’s an insta-cop for pretty much everyone under the age of 40.

3:50 – OHHHHH yeeeeeeahhhhh the drop test.

5:12 – It sounds like she’s shaking rocks around in an ice cream pail, inside a cave when she cycles it. Probably echoing inside that monolithic plastic housing LOL.


I love how shes talking about how it’s “feeding reliable” etc… Like do you not remember that you just wrapped $360 dollars in plastic around a normal 870?  Why are you surprised it feeds any different?  I’d take this over the KSG any day, even though the KSG looks cooler.

I wonder if the trigger feels as bad as I think it probably does.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?