Slippin when you grippin, and your rounds get to trippin:

SlipGrip-AR15-Bumpfire-Device0:36 – He snaps with that rapey face when he lets loose the fury.

Andrew Bloomfield you genius you.  I like the idea!  Any legal implications you guys can think of v.s. the sliding stocks currently out there?  My guess if he can make this look nice, he will put all those guys out of business.

He has an Indiegogo campaign going right now, which is looking pretty sad atm… I hope he reaches his goal.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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FateOfDestinee takes a look at a cool prototype Slide Fire had at SHOT media day:

The first look at it starts at 1:23.  It’s a “Spade” style grip setup for those that don’t get the name.

Fate-Of-Destinee-ENDOhaha oh wow, that’s gonna be trouble.  I can’t wait to see all the truck bed and ATV mount setups people on ARFCOM come up with.

Thoughts?  Add to your operational arsenal?


LOL they are only about 3 years late on this one:

Oh nOes, belt fed rifles like “something out of a Rambo movie” too!

Full Story – CNN Money

AR-15-Bumpfire-StockIt really just shows how little effort they put in to researching anything, and keeping up on a topic such as guns.  I wonder how long it will be until they find out that any Glock can be converted to automatic by replacing the slide plate with something that “could be machined in a home garage”…. I can see it now.  Maybe even an article about the danger of shoestrings sometime? Oh shit, I let the cat out of the bag.



As you can see… there is no reason a civilian should own a board with an assault dowel:

Mattv2099-OperatorName a sporting purpose!  I’ll wait… :P  Also I think it goes without saying, but high capacity assault clips should should also be banned.

I love how guy in the first clip is rocking the ear pro up on his dome, not over the ears.  What a boss.  Looks like he learned his lesson after that though.

Mattv2099 steady engaging beast mode, shitting on pseudo operators on the reg.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever make a board with an assault dowel?


The Biebes wouldn’t sign Mattv2099‘s ass cheek.  This is retaliation:

Pop icons can be soooooo snobby.  Matt showed him!

Don’t even ask why a grown man has a life size Bieber.  Lets just pretend it’s his sisters.


<— Matt definitely has a custom Justin Bieber Glock in his collection.

Thoughts? Ban bumpfire assault boards!


TMHonFire102 mows down some fish with his AK:

Heh ‘why?’ you ask?  AMERICA! That’s why.

I can’t imagine what the lead levels in that pond are… he’s probably put 10s of thousands of rounds in there since I started watching him on YouTube.