The gun store guys went all “Tactical Affliction” on their bumpfire stock:

If you don’t know what Affliction clothing looks like, google it.  That bottom foregrip does really seem to help with the control of it.  The muzzle rise he was getting on the first few shots probably sent them over the berm though which is never good.  Unless you’re a seasoned bumpfire pro, those kind of safety ricks are always there with or without a stock like they built.



The gun store guys put together one with parts you can find at any hardware store:

Testing it out:

Wow, that works really well.  I’ve seen bumpfire stocks people have made in the past, but they all looked pretty unsafe to me.  This one looks a lot safer since the bump shaft is metal and secured on really well.  The one thing A person could probably do to make it safer would be to put an endcap on the end of that bump shaft so you couldn’t loose control and have the glock slip off.



It appears this guy really does not like his left hand:

Herp to the power of derp.  That’s all I have to say about this.

Hat Tip: William A.


He does his trademarked bumpfire:

Result: it works.

I’m actually surprised he didn’t spring the for Surefire 100 Round Magazine instead.  It would be more conducive to his bumpfire lifestyle.  Maybe it’s not out yet though?

I know a lot of you hate when I post cokeman’s videos, cause it “gives the antis fuel” or something like that.  I see where you’re coming from, but I really couldn’t care less what someone that doesn’t like guns thinks about anything.  If cokeman wants to bumpfire inside his house he can go ahead and do it for all I care (actually I hope he does cause that would be facepalm-tastic) as long as no one is getting hurt.

When he’s out and about, I bet he gets a lot of questions regarding his role on “2 and a half men”.



Cokeman is nothing if not classy:

The first comment on youtube by RowenCx4 sums it up best:

jihad beard, track suit, gold watch, AK, you’re creep’in me out bro.

The boy does know how to bumpfire an AK pretty well though…

I never thought i’d see a Cokeman video where he didn’t call us all faggots and say a bunch of other random offensive things.  Maybe he’s growing up?

Either way he’s transformed into quite the Beiber-ZZ-Top-Ashton-Kutcher looking son of a bitch.

I for one am looking forward to the many facepalms I get from watching his videos this year.

Keep up the work Cokeman.


This is especially cool considering his hands seem to be in close to the regular grip.  I’d like to see it from a different angle to see how he actually did it though.

Due to the stationary backdrop he could have easily spend it up in his video editing program, so I’m kind of skeptical. In the comments he claims he actually did bumpfire it though… so who knows.