burger king

I never googled it, but I be there is an insane story as to how one member “wheelz” is in a wheel chair.  Seeing him soar at 0:26 likely answers my question.  Glad to see him embracing “wheelz”… if you’re a 90s kid you’ll remember the Burger King Kids Club where they had a wheeled member by that same name.  There must have been some internal beef stewing in the BK Kids club though, which eventually lead to their disbandment.  Purely speculation but I’m guessing it was probably some sort of Snaps, Kid Vid, Jaws love triangle thing going on which caused the implosion.  BK just didn’t want that on the books so they popped smoke and nuked the group before it got negative press.  Such a scandal could probably have made them more money but *sips tea* that’s none of my business.

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoI went off on a bit of a tangent again.  Cool vid Silencerco.  I like their videos because they are so well done, the marketing sneaks up on you.  When it’s over you’re just like “Oh shit!  I just got sold on something.  Nice!”

Holy Silencerco’s website is nice now, wow.  I still need to update the tramp stamp thumbnail to use their new tramp stamp logo.  I’ll put it on the to do list.



This Halloween:


Ehhhhhh kind a gross looking there right?  Still looks edible though.  Click through to this Business Insider article though where they have real pictures of the same burger which was release in Japan if you remember…. and wow those are gross looking.

Meh cool novelty I suppose for kids.  After seeing those “reality” pics though, it doesn’t make me want to try it.

Burger-King-MascotBurger King actually has a really banging Twitter account with some dope / current pop culture references.  It’s good to see that.

So, the question: Will operate in a tactical burger operation come Halloween?


For their 5th Anniversary: A black bun made with bamboo charcoal and squid ink colored black ketchup:

Source – Burger King JP Facebook

They call it the “Kuro Burger” (Kuro means “black” apparently) and it will be available for a limited time across Japan starting at 10:30AM on Friday Sept. 28th.

*slow clap* suddenly white buns and red ketchup seem so mainstream, I’m no longer interested in them. /hipster