In Houston, TX. Protecting him and his 12 year old sister from burglars:

Yea I don’t like the term “Assault Rifle” as much as the next guy… but if want to use it in positive reports like this one, be my guest.

Sorry for my ignorance to LEO Detective practices, but why would they walk the suspect through the crime scene?  To gauge his reaction or something?

I wonder if the boy’s dad was not a police constable, if a parent could get in trouble for “unsafe storage” or something if a burglar was shot and killed?  Stupider things have definitely happened.  I know Texas has the Castle Doctrine though, so I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue there.


Hat tip: Jon


The Zippo lighter stopped the bullet, leaving Brad Cooper with just a bruise on his leg. He says, “we’ve started making jokes about it at work, They say wind proof…I say bullet proof.”

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Pretty stupid to keep walking towards a guy with a gun after he already shot you once. If the guy aimed anywhere else this post would have been about a Darwin award winner rather than a lucky break.