Burris getting all showy on us now with their new “premium” hunting scope with a front focal plane:

0:00 – 0:17 – Blah blah blah, facts about the scope.

0:18 – Eyes closed after the trigger pull, DIRECT HIT ON THE COUGAR.

0:19 – Buddy sees the hit through the binocs and thinks to himself *Monica*.

Sunni-Gunman-Tripoli-Lebanon-Scope0:20 – 0:23 – We see the lifeless body of said cougar slide gracefully down the mountain.  I really hope this was shot live, and not after multiple takes.  Can you imagine being the guy in charge of throwing the dead cougar down the mountain? Kyle: “Larry, alright I hate to tell you this but we had the lens cap still on during that last take so we’re going to need you to hike back up to the top and throw that cougar when we give you the signal mmmmk?”  Larry: *smfh*

If you want to read more about these scopes, head over to Burris natch.

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