*sobbing* LOL somebody come get their girl:

This is how it works.

The quick pins and the mag drop are a combined price of $200 from Cross Armory.

Painful.  So painful.  Every time I see one of these California related products I piece of me dies.  I’m still on an IV recovering from the Bolt Action Glock conversion, and the magazine sidecar loader.

Thoughts?  You thinking of getting into this flaming dumpster of a market?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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California-Gun-Problem-BookFellow gun blogger Dan over at My Name Is Foxtrot created a e-book talking about California’s gun politics; showing how the golden state doesn’t play by the same set of rules that the rest of the country does, and the politicians there are actively trying to take away gun owners’ rights.

You can buy it for 99 cents over at Amazon.

In order to celebrate the new book release we will be giving away 10 free copies!  To enter, leave a comment of any type and say you’re interested in a book.   I’ll pick the winners in a day or two.



LOL Removed :/


Plus an additional 35 more pages you can look through on the CA DOJ website.

ROFL Added:


Priceless… but at the same time not.  California gonna California.

I’m assuming “Ghost guns” are secretly listed on the removed PDF, but are so ghostly we can’t even see them.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to micro-stamping saving as many lives as I am?  California will have approximately zero unsolved crimes by this time next year, I know it.


Arguably Richard Ryan‘s most badass video yet:

That thing weighs 80lbs he says! haha whoa.

0:42 – That round hit a goat in Tijuana, and blew it into a million pieces.

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceRichard is fittingly wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel of course, which is also now available in a long sleeve version for $3 more.



MrColionNoir breaks his foot off in CA’s ass:

hahah “gangsters decide not to do a drive-by because the ammo tax exceeded their budget for the fiscal year”.  After that I would have liked to see a mic dropped, a slow walk off screen while the feedback wines and the video fades to black.

Some of the references he makes in the video are about the new group of bills moving through the legal system in California.

MrColionNoir is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms T-Shirt from ENDO Apparel.  This shirt is mandatory if you live in CA, a must have if you live in the surrounding states, and highly recommended if you’re alive and breathing air in general.

Thoughts?  California gonna California?


The gun store guys Iraqveteran8888 talk about the ridiculousness:

Yea California is ridiculous for firearm law!  I should have sent them the No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt for this vid, but the Restricted LE/GOV Use Only one worked too.

Good talk.. It’s a long one but it needed to be.  The Barrett boycot of California government and law enforcement sales they talk about was so priceless… good for Barrett for not giving a shit.

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOHead over to ENDO Apparel to check out the t-shirts. You’re going to want to look good for summer.