caleb giddings

Two revolvers!  His backup one is even rimfire (.22LR).  I can hear a million heads explode before they realize it’s a troll vid.

Caleb-Giddings-ENDO2:50 – Tertiary backup is the Lionheart LH9.  So hipster.  You’ve probably never heard of it.

Good stuff.


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Advice from Gun Nuts Media owner Caleb Giddings, a self proclaimed douchebag:

caleb-giddings-endo-apparel3:15 – Wheeeeeeee ENDO Apparel gets a nod / good review.

Looking good definitely helps you shoot better.  It plateaus after a while though, so don’t get any ideas and show up at the range in a 3 pc. suit thinking you’ll start operating at TIER -37 levels.

At least Caleb can shoot like crazy. All I have is looking good.


No derp in this video, just Top Shot season 1 contestant Caleb Giddings, a sick 1911, an ENDO t-shirt, and some good shooting:

Caleb-Giddings-ENDOI don’t know many drills, but this looks like a good drill I suppose.  Before I work on speed I definitely need to get my accuracy up.  Guys like him just make it looks so effortless… obviously tons of practice though.  It’s a cruel world where eating too much, and making fun of shit online doesn’t do anything for my shooting skills. haha

You can grab the Guns And Coffee t-shirt from ENDO Apparel. 

Hat tip: Mark