This is a problem 😂😭::

Protect Reno May at all costs.  Holy I can’t believe all the hoops the CA bruthers have to jump through.

I wonder if California restricts toothbrushes that look like guns? 🤔

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Ruined the fit, and took his ammo.  You hate to see it:

😭😭😭 Thoughts?


My god 😎🕶⤵😧they treaded on him:

Not a lot of information coming out of this one yet.  So far they are saying  “that a person was selling and manufacturing illegal firearms at the location”.    The bond was $50k and the guy is currently out.  If he was dumb enough to be modifying guns to AUTO and selling them across state lines or something, then he’s probably not going to have a good time.  You can read the full story at the New York Times.

Thoughts? Maybe he was simply preforming an expensive and elaborate 2nd Amendment audit?  A true man of the people? 😂


Maximilian P. Onytail demoing their California “Bolt Stop Device”:

Man, that pony blowing in the wind looking like pure freedom.  I think I heard an eagle scream, someone crack a Busweiser, and the rev of a Mustang engine. Too bad Californians don’t have the freedom to NOT require them to have a dumbass device like this.  LOL single shot, LOL my sides… they hurt.

I was trying to get a price on this product for you CA dudes.  I did the legwork and went to their website… hit accessories… and nothing.  Oh well I tried.



*sobbing* LOL somebody come get their girl:

This is how it works.

The quick pins and the mag drop are a combined price of $200 from Cross Armory.

Painful.  So painful.  Every time I see one of these California related products I piece of me dies.  I’m still on an IV recovering from the Bolt Action Glock conversion, and the magazine sidecar loader.

Thoughts?  You thinking of getting into this flaming dumpster of a market?


Oh wow… just… wow:

It’s called “Easy-Bolt” and is available on pre-order for $150 with Spring 2017 delivery.  This single shot demo is for California compliance:

Here’s the installation video in case you care.  Looks like the kit is only available for

LOL damn guys… just when I thought I’d seen it all.

According to the YouTube comments, the company is making the bolt handle on the left side on the production version. This is for obvious reasons, because currently if you’re pulling the trigger with your right hand you have to switch hands to work the bolt.

Thoughts?  Do you live outside of CA and just want to get one of these for trolling purposes? I’m honestly considering it haha.