call of duty

If you like nitpicking (like most of us do), then you’ve come to the right place:

Jonathan Ferguson, is a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries in Leeds England.

12:57 – This folding stock that turns into a foregrip is epic.  I love how back in the day they had no choice but to either make things out of wood or SOLID STEEL.

COD: Vanguard is on Amazon if you want to pick up a hardcopy.  Kind of sucks that they’re still making hard copies of disposable things like this, when downloads exist.  Basically if they let somehow could let people trade or sell their download (while still making money).. maybe even a full access to everything monthly subscription?.. If that happened the physical copy market would pretty much not be needed.  It would be like the pressed vinyl market.. sure some collectors would buy it, but mainly most people wouldn’t care since it’s on Spotify.


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DO NOT flirt with this man’s girlfriend:

Fat-Guy-Virtual-RealityEnough said. Go ahead… Try him and get 360 no-scoped.



cara-delevingne-head-shotFunny / well done trailer.  It gave me an excuse to creep google images for a good Cara Delevingne pic, which is always a bonus.  If you don’t think Cara is attractive I feel bad for you son.  She’s definitely one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models, PLUS she has a major part in the new Suicide Squad movie if you needed another reason to like her.  She models for Burberry as well, which speaks for itself.  Oh and chill guys, she’s 23.

1:32 – Is it just me or does it look like Cara is operating with Silencerco Maxims?

Thoughts?  Would operate with Kevin or Cara?  Any new opinions on Doody Blops III?  Mine is still just “I don’t know… but it looks cool I guess”.  The game comes out 11/6/2015 if you care.


Guy-VickersComing out November 6th, 2015.  Wow that looks intense… I couldn’t even.

Without even trying this game, I can already tell you my life span in multiplayer would be no more than a handful of seconds each time.

I’m going to ask “Thoughts?” as usual even though I know you’re all going to be like “CALL OF DUTY CAN SUCK IT”.


*shrug* looks cool I guess:

This is normally where I say some old man stuff, but I’m going to refrain from that this time.  If I thought I had any spare time at all after doing what I need to / want to do every day, trust me I’d be the first one to buy every game system as soon as it came out.

I’m surprised companies are so willing to pay the no doubt massive licensing fees for Rolling Stones songs in 2015.  I agree those songs are timeless, and the Doody franchise definitely isn’t scraping pennies together… I just feel that there could have been more fitting music / more 2015 kid-relatable music had for cheaper.

call-of-duty-black-opsHoly November 6th release date!  What are Doody nerds doing to do all summer?  Bitch about Blops Deux and maybe try to touch a girl’s boob?  That sounds entertaining enough actually tbh.



haha this is pretty good:

Call-Of-Duty-CosplayHoly COD knows how to put together an expensive looking trailer.  Damn it must be expensive having teenagers who want all this crap.

Do you guys buy all these expansion packs?